Suzhou Vocational University

Suzhou Vocational UniversitySuzhou Vocational UniversitySuzhou Vocational University

Suzhou Vocational University Suzhou Vocational University
Suzhou Vocational University Suzhou Vocational University


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Suzhou Vocational University

Introduction to Suzhou Vocational University

Suzhou Vocational University (website) is a full-time general college sponsored by the Suzhou Municipal People’s Government. It was formerly known as Suzhou Industrial College founded in 1911. Since its inception in 1981, it has earned a significant social reputation as a regional brand institution. The school firmly grasps the direction of socialist school-running, firmly grasps the fundamental tasks of establishing talents and accomplishing teachers and students, actively promotes the structural reform of the supply side of education, strengthens overall planning, adheres to quality first, strengthens precise development, and vigorously cultivates high The talent team of morality, high skill and high adaptability realizes the synergy between school development and local economic and social innovation, integration and win-win, strives to build a national first-class quality college, and actively realizes the goal of applying undergraduate colleges.

Suzhou Vocational University has four campuses, namely Shihu, Ganjiang Road, Tanshan and Qishe, covering an area of 1,262 mu, with a school building area of over 490,000 square meters, a collection of 1,166,700 paper books, and a total value of 3.27 teaching and research equipment. 100 million yuan. There are 12 colleges (departments), and there are 56 majors in science, culture, history, art, teachers, and sports. There are more than 13,000 full-time students.

Suzhou Vocational University is committed to cultivating high-quality technical skills and applied talents. Focusing on the local industrial development priorities and the needs of the society for the shortage of talents, the university has intensified the reform of education and teaching and created the characteristics of talent cultivation. The university signed a comprehensive cooperation and strategic cooperation agreement with the Wuzhong District People’s Government of Suzhou City, the Xiangcheng District People’s Government of Suzhou Municipality, and the Suzhou Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau to promote the deep cooperation of the school and the campus in an all-round, all-round and all-round process. Integration, school cooperation. Leading the establishment of Suzhou Modern Equipment Manufacturing Vocational Education Group, Suzhou Modern Optoelectronics Vocational Education Group, and Alibaba (China) Network Technology Co., Ltd., Keda Xunfei Co., Ltd. and other famous enterprises have realized the deep cooperation between schools and enterprises, and established enterprises ( Industry) 16 colleges and 369 off-campus training bases.

Suzhou Vocational University actively serves local economic and social development, and builds research institutes such as Wu Culture Research Institute and Shihu Think Tank. It provides decision-making consultation and research on local economic construction, government decision-making and industrial enterprise development in various fields, and inherits Wudi culture. The protection, the inheritance and innovation of silk crafts, the restoration and reconstruction of Suzhou ancient city walls, the evaluation of urban tourism competitiveness, and the innovation and development of mold-specific towns have made important contributions.

The university pays attention to international cooperation and exchanges, actively integrates into the national education opening-up and Jiangsu’s economic internationalization strategy, and actively provides talent training support for the economic and social development of the countries along the “Belt and Road”. The school actively introduces overseas quality resources around local industry development and talent demand. It has successively cooperated with George Brown College of Canada, New Zealand National University of Technology, Australia’s Kaismond College, Australia’s Cangan College, North Hessen Vocational and Technical College, and University of Bolton, UK. Foreign universities such as Singapore’s Sutton School of Business, Japan’s Jincheng College, and New Zealand’s Otago Institute of Technology have cooperated effectively in the areas of joint construction, curriculum cooperation, teacher exchange, student exchange, and mutual recognition of credits.


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Suzhou Vocational University

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