Hangzhou No.14 High School

  Introduction to Hangzhou No.14 High School Hangzhou No. 14 High School (website: http://www.h14z.com/) is located by the beautiful West Lake and is one of the most famous high schools in Zhejiang Province. It is a key high school at the provincial level. For more than one hundred years, the school […]

Hangzhou Tingtao Primary School

  About Tingtao Primary School Hangzhou Tingtao Primary School (http://ttxx.heda.edu.cn/) is located at the intersection of No. 23 Street and No. 16 Road and was officially put into use in September 2014. The school is built according to the highest standards for primary school in Zhejiang Province. The land area […]

Hangzhou Caihe Experimental School

  Introduction to Caihe Experimental School Hangzhou Caihe Experimental School (or Caishi, website: http://chsyxx.jgedu.net.cn/) was founded in 1999 and the school became independent in 2002. Principal He Zhiying, the provincial special-grade teacher, was newly awarded the Zhejiang model worker and honored as National Advanced Worker. In December 2007, to create […]

Hangzhou Jingyuan Middle School

Hangzhou Jingyuan Middle School

  Introduction to Hangzhou Jingyuan Middle School Jingyuan Middle School was established in 2017. The goal of the school is to create a first-class smart school that creates beauty and share beauty. The school always adheres to the beauty of educating people, respects the beauty of students’ differences, and implements […]

Hangzhou Jingyuan Primary School

Hangzhou Jingyuan Primary School

Hangzhou Jingyuan Primary School   Introduction to Hangzhou Jingyuan Primary School Hangzhou Jingyuan Primary School (website) was established in September 2011, adjacent to the Xiasha Street Government of Hangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone. It is located at No. 60 Haitong Street. The school covers an area of 32034 square […]

Hangzhou Wuchang Primary School Affiliated to HNU

  Introduction to Hangzhou Wuchang Primary School  Wuchang Primary School Affiliated to HNU (website: http://www.5cxx.net/index.html), covers an area of 47,000 square meters, with a construction area of 20,000 square meters. The school has a green area of more than 14,000 square meters. There are 28 classes, 1,100 students and 80 […]

Hangzhou Lin’an Tianmu Junior High School

  About Tianmu School Lin’an Tianmu Junior High School covers an area of 106,667 square meters with a total construction area of 59,500 square meters. The construction started in 2008 and lasted for 26 months. It is committed to cultivating talents with broad knowledge, temperament and sustainable development, and truly […]