Hangzhou No.4 High School

  Introduction to Hangzhou No.4 High School Zhejiang Province Hangzhou No. 4 High School (website) was founded in 1899, alongside Zhejiang University, by Governor Lin Qi during the Qing Dynasty. It was the first modern public secondary school in the province. And today it is recognized as one of the […]

Hangzhou Jianqiao Experimental School

  Introduction to Jianqiao Experimental School Hangzhou Jianqiao Experimental School affiliated to Zhejiang Normal University (website: zsdjqsyzx.jgedu.net.cn ) is located in the core area of Hangzhou East New City, adjacent to Hangzhou East Railway Station. It is a public junior high school in Jianggan District. The school has 30 teaching […]

Hangzhou Qianjiang Xincheng Experimental School

  Introduction to Qianjiang Xincheng Experimental School Hangzhou Qianjiang Xincheng Experimental School (website: http://qjxcsyxx.jgedu.net.cn/) was founded in 2008. The school is a direct subsidiary of Hangzhou Caishi Education Group. Within the group are two subsidiary schools: Caihe Experimental School and, Qianjiang Xincheng Experimental School. In 2016, the group has developed […]

Hangzhou Pengbo Primary School

  Introduction to Pengbo Primary School Affiliated Primary School of Jianggan District Education Development Research Institute (website: hzpbxx.jgedu.net.cn) or Pengbo Primary School (formerly Pengzhou No. 2 Primary School in Hangzhou) was founded in 1910, and was the first primary school of the Qiantang Zone. In the spring of 2015, the school […]

The Laboratory School Attached to ZRIES

  Introduction to The Laboratory School Attached to ZRIES The Laboratory School Attached to Zhejiang Research Institute of Education Science was newly built in 2010 from the merger of the Lushan Road Primary School and the Zhanongkou Middle School. According to the plan of the District Education Bureau in July […]

Hangzhou Baochu Pagoda Experimental School

  Introduction to Baochu Pagoda Experimental School Located by the West Lake, Hangzhou Baochu Pagoda Experimental School (website: http://www.bctsy.net) is an urban municipal experimental school, attached to Hangzhou Normal University. Hangzhou Baochu Pagoda Experimental School is of the same age as the New People’s Republic of China as the first […]

Hangzhou Dong Cheng Elementary School

  Introduction to Hangzhou Dong Cheng Elementary School  Dong Cheng Elementary School (website: http://hsddcxx.jgedu.net.cn/) affiliated to Hangzhou Normal University is a public primary school in Jianggan District; it has two campuses: The Yiyuan Campus and The Keyuan Campus. The school covers a total area of 36386 square meters and a […]