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Introduction to Caihe Experimental School

Hangzhou Caihe Experimental School (or Caishi, website: http://chsyxx.jgedu.net.cn/) was founded in 1999 and the school became independent in 2002. Principal He Zhiying, the provincial special-grade teacher, was newly awarded the Zhejiang model worker and honored as National Advanced Worker. In December 2007, to create a “private + public” “elite + new school” education mode, she established Hangzhou Caishi Education Group. Within it are two subsidiary schools: Caihe Experimental School and, Qianjiang Xincheng Experimental School. In 2009 the former state-owned Hangzhou Caihe experimental school transformed into a private-owned private junior high school.

In 2016, the group has developed into the scale of 190 faculty members, 49 classes with more than 2000 students and it has graduated students for 14 years. It has become a first-class school with great popularity in Hangzhou.

The Group adheres to the educational philosophy of “May every student learn effectively”, and the school motto of “Advocate morals, Study skillfully, Strengthen body, Improve ability”. Love is sprinkled to all students. The introduction of “Stanford English” teaching successfully utilizes the technology to aid English learning and creates high-score scholastic miracle. The establishment of national “Youth Sports Club” creates the special project of combining physical training with daily study, which cultivates high-quality and specialized talents. In Nanjing Youth Olympic, President Thomas Bach highly praised the project. With professors from Zhejiang University, the school created a simulation of various climates, carrying out artificial climate chamber plant cultivation experiments. The chamber is the first one in junior school in the province. The multi-dimensional lessons expand the curriculum and bring the students a wonderful school life.

Caishi Educational Group has gained a lot in teaching. Each year, more than 90% of the students in Grade 9 get the chance to study in key high schools and the particularly good students’ later development is quite specific. The students are often praised by the principals of the key high schools. The school has been awarded the National Roller Skating “Advanced Unit”, “Green Campus” in Zhejiang, provincial “Green Schools” the provincial “Distinctive School in Sports,”, “Major Research Base,” “Civilized School”, “Law-abiding School”, “Technologically Featured School” in Hangzhou and other honorary titles.

In May 2014, the school was awarded by Provincial People’s Government the honorary title “Zhejiang Model Collective”.


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About Hangzhou

Hangzhou is the capital of Zhejiang province and is located not far south of Shanghai. The city is regarded as one of the most beautiful cities in China with numerous historic relics and natural beauty. Most famous for its picturesque West Lake, elected as a National Key Scenic location due to its historical and cultural significance and many temples, pagodas, ponds and plants.

The city is one of the most livable in China with a natural balance of local Chinese culture and Western amenities providing a dynamic atmosphere of live music, cafes and bars, a variety of events and an eclectic mixture of people from all over the world. Mix a buzzing city with a pleasant year round climate and low cost of living and you see why Hangzhou has earned the reputation it has.


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