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Introduction to Hangzhou No.14 High School

Hangzhou No. 14 High School or Hangzhou No. 14 Middle School (杭州十四中,website) is located by the beautiful West Lake and is one of the most famous middle schools in Zhejiang Province. It is a key middle school at the provincial level. For more than one hundred years, the school has educated a large number of the socially outstanding people with both ability and integrity. Some of them such as Zhang Qingqiu and Liu Xirong later became Party and national senior leaders. Wu Yifang, the famous educator, Qiu Aici and Zhang Shuyi, the famous women scientists, Wang Xiaotang, the famous movie actress and Wang Xuefeng, the famous writer, all once studied in this school. In the 1980s and 90s, Our students achieved first place in science in the provincial college entrance examination as well as in liberal arts. The school has first-class teachers. There are 7 provincially-recognized teachers in office and more than 70 high-grade teachers. In recent years, the school has employed several teachers with the doctors and masters degrees. In addition, over 90 teachers have completed professional development programs. There are nearly 30 teachers who have received awards for excellence in teaching, among them are national outstanding teachers, provincial outstanding head-teachers and newly-emerging outstanding young teachers in the provincial educational field. We also have two high-level teachers who train students in advanced classes for the Provincial Olympics Contest for middle schools.
The school follows an advanced educational philosophy, taking harmonious education as its main characteristic and seeks to harmoniously develop the students’ personality and scholarship. As a result the school has successively obtained more than 40 collective honorary titles, including the national advanced school, the provincial civilized school, and provincial cultured and civilized school.

Because of its unique educational philosophy, the school aims to develop students’ individuality, pay special attention to raising students’ motivation and forming good study habits. The school tries its best to create a harmonious atmosphere for learning by encouraging our teachers to pursue the effective teaching methods in order to lighten students’ burden in their studies. Students with different abilities have made great progress in their studies thanks to our teachers using methods adapted to a variety of student learning styles. The school has organized various extracurricular activities in more than ten student clubs, such as the CEC English Club and “Fengfan” Literature Club which is one of the national 100-best middle-school student literature clubs.

The success of our educational model can also been seen in our students’ performance in various regional and national competitions. The students in our school have gained many prizes in different discipline contests and our participation has also improved the teaching quality year by year. The school discipline competition results are among the best in Hangzhou, and more than 100 students have obtained provincial honor/award items every year. The school obtained the team winners of four provincial items in physics, chemistry, biological and the Information Olympic Contests. Our student, Meng Linyan attended the International Olympic Biology Contest held in Belarus in 2003 and she finally won the gold medal. In 2004, another student, Lou Tiancheng won the gold medal of the 16th International Juvenile Olympic Information Contest held in Athens, in which he was the first prize-winner in our province. The 15th National Middle School Student’s Biology Contest was held successfully in our school in August, 2006. It was the first time that the nationwide large-scale discipline competition had been held in Zhejiang province undertaken by a middle school. Zhejiang No. Two Team with three students formed by our school achieved a remarkable success in the contest and they obtained two gold and one silver medals. One of them, Lin Jimin has been chosen for the national competition team which will participate in the International Biology Contest to be held in Canada in August 2007. In recent years, the school has sent many outstanding graduates to the national key universities such as Beijing University, Qinghua University, Zhejiang University, Nanjing University, Fudan University every year.

The school pays great attention to international exchange in the process of running the school and has successfully established the widespread relations with Britain, USA, France, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Denmark and others. We also invite foreign teachers from USA, Britain and Australia to teach in our school.

The fine campus, the harmonious atmosphere and the spirit of achievement help the school to become a cradle for the outstanding students to grow up.

This year our school will continue to enroll 12 classes of students in Grade One (including independently enrolling students with special abilities in science and technology, sports, and art), and we will continue to educate them with an emphasis in science and technology. The school can provide a portion of outstanding students with board and lodging. We welcome your junior middle school graduates to become new students of Hangzhou No. 14 middle school.


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