Canteen food at Chinese University

Kim – What Do You Eat at a University Cafeteria in China?

By Kim, University Teacher in Kunming The cafeteria where I usually eat with a variety of made-to-order stations as well as the regular cafeteria fare One of the most frequently asked questions that I receive from people outside of China deals with what I eat on a daily basis. Chicken […]

2nd and 3rd Cities are Becoming Popular with Expats in China

A scene of Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province Photo:VCG Going back and forth from China and his home country of France since 2010, Thomas Claret has only lived in small cities: Lanzhou in Gansu Province for two years, Huai’an in Jiangsu Province for three years and Yancheng in Jiangsu since September 2017. […]

University vs Training Center

What’s the difference between teaching in university and teaching in training center? The video below may tell you the answer. Youtube Video: Teach English in China: Pros and Cons | Training Schools vs. Universities

How to Use Wechat (Weixin)?

Scan the following QR to subscribe to ISAC Program For those who still are not familiar with, WeChat is a social network: it’s sort of halfway between WhatsApp and Facebook, with the dual purpose of dividing content on your dashboard besides communication via chat. WeChat is all this and much […]

Yann – You Save More Teaching in a Small City in China

Photo: Zhejiang Normal University is in Jinhua, a small city in China   Teaching in China can be a money saver for foreign teachers. But have you thought about teaching in a small city could save you more than that in a tier 1 city like Beijing and Shanghai? Why […]