Brett – The Perks and Benefits of Teaching English at a Chinese University

By Brett, University Teacher in NingboTeaching English at a Chinese University   In this post I’ll run through the perks and financial benefits of teaching English in a Chinese university. Chinese university jobs aren’t the highest paid teaching positions in China. For better salaries you need to teach young kids, […]

Jessica – What it’s like teaching English to university students

By Jessica Hill, University Teacher in China English Seminar   I had no idea what to expect before stepping into my first class of Chinese university students. I wasn’t a first-time ESL teacher – I had spent six months teaching unruly high school students in Northeast Thailand – but I […]

Michael – 8 Bits of Advice For Foreign Teachers

    I’ve been teaching here in China for almost 2.5 years. I think I’ve experienced every shocking aspect of Chinese culture and life here. I’ve traveled to 26 countries. I know how to travel and best of all, I know how to adapt. I’m amazed at foreigners who come […]

Canteen food at Chinese University

Kim – What Do You Eat at a University Cafeteria in China?

By Kim, University Teacher in Kunming The cafeteria where I usually eat with a variety of made-to-order stations as well as the regular cafeteria fare One of the most frequently asked questions that I receive from people outside of China deals with what I eat on a daily basis. Chicken […]

Derek – Being an English Teacher in a Second Tier Chinese City

Contributor: Derek Harkness, Living and working in China since 2006. Jiangnan University in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province   Second tier cities are far from boring. A city like Wuxi is a nice place to live. It has all the facilities you need and for the occasional western luxury, you can easily […]