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Statistics show that foreigners in Qingdao come from more than 40 countries and regions, and there are many Korean, Japanese and Americans. There are now about 2,000 Japanese and 500 Americans working in Qingdao, and Shinan District is the main area for them to live and work.

At present, the biggest expat community is Korean. Near 20,000 Koreans have settled in Qingdao. Up to now, Qingdao has a total of 27,000 foreigners with work and family visas, of which more than 20 expats have obtained “green cards”, ranking first in Shandong Province. After Qingdao hosted the Beijing 2008 Olympic Sailing Games, Qingdao’s international reputation continued to increase, and more and more foreign friends came to Qingdao to study, work and live.

The reporter interviewed Gao Han (English name Frank) from the UK. Gao Han is now a full-time English teaching expert at Lange Qingdao Training Center. He has been in China for 10 years. First he went to Hangzhou, but he felt the weather was too hot, and then he came to Qingdao, where he has lived in for 8 years now.

“I like the weather in Qingdao very much. At that time, a friend advised me to come to Qingdao. After I came, I like the city. Now, in Qingdao, I have many friends, and the relationship with them is very good.” Gao Han told reporters, ” I like the seafood in Qingdao very much. It’s very fresh and cheap, while the ones in the UK are more expensive. There are many supermarkets in Qingdao, such as Carrefour and RT-Mart. The items in them are very complete and life is convenient.

“I also like Chinese food. The preserved egg tofu I ate a few days ago is very delicious. In addition, Di San Xian is also delicious. The draft beer in Qingdao is delicious. When I first came, I was surprised and the first See you next time, Qingdao people use plastic bags to carry draft beer.”

“I enjoy my life now. I came to Qingdao when I was 40,” Gao Han said, “I have many friends in Qingdao, and I will continue to stay in Qingdao.”


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