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Wuxi City is known as the “Pearl of Taihu Lake”. Wuxi is located in the Yangtze River Delta in the south of the Yangtze River and the coast of Taihu Lake. Wuxi is adjacent to Suzhou in the east and 128.2 kilometers away from Shanghai; it is an important regional central city in the Yangtze River Delta and the Suzhou-Wuxi-Changzhou metropolitan area. Wuxi is not only a traditional fish and rice water town in the south of the Yangtze River, but also the cradle of modern Chinese national industry and commerce. As early as 1981, Wuxi was listed as one of the fifteen economic central cities in the country.


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Wuxi Expats – Living in Wuxi

Kelly Doug, USA, Teacher at Jiangnan University

“Wuxi is a beautiful city and its dialect is very special. I hope I can learn a little Wuxi dialect, and traveling in Wuxi will be more convenient in the future.” In an interview with reporters recently, Kelly Doug, a foreign teacher at Jiangnan University, liked the city of Wuxi. Before coming to Wuxi, she had never been to other countries except the United States and Canada, and Wuxi became a window for her to understand China.

Kelly Doug was born in the United States and received a bachelor’s degree in psychology after graduating from an American university in 2012. Talking about the reasons for teaching at Jiangnan University, Kelly Dug said that before coming to Wuxi, an American friend of hers was also teaching at Jiangnan University. After chatting with this friend, she learned that Wuxi has many beautiful attractions and unique characteristics. She germinated the idea of teaching at Jiangnan University and eventually became an English teacher at Jiangnan University in September 2014.” The students here are very hardworking. Generally speaking, communication in English is not smooth during their freshman year, but in the sophomore or third year, most students can communicate fluently in English.” Under her guidance, students improved their oral English ability, which made her very proud.

Wuxi Expat

Connor Bridge, USA

My name is Connor Bridge, 28 years old. I’m from Shelby Montana America. I’ve lived in Wuxi for two years now. I’m still finding new surprises all the time. My home in Montana has 3,500 people in it. it’s got a lot more cows than people and it’s a very boring place to grow up. For fun, we would shoot fireworks at each other and throw old computers off of really tall buildings. But the thing to remember is our tallest buildings there maybe three stories high, so life in Wuxi is very very different for me. I feel very lucky to live here.

I’m a teacher and I have a lot of fun teaching my kids. I’ve been teaching the same children for about two years now. we have a really good relationship in the classroom we have a lot of fun. in my spare time I’m a musician I like to go on stage and sing whenever I also like to play Dungeons and Dragons with my friends and I found that in Wuxi I have opportunities to do this about anything else. I can go play VR games. I can ride motorcycles with my friends. We all bought the same kind of motorbike, so we have a lot of fun. There are always a lot of good parties a lot of good music clubs, there is never a boring day.

I also love food. I love that we have a lot of western food if I ever missed home. I love Chinese it’s all delicious to me. I especially like Lanzhou Lamian. Wuxi is a wonderful place to live I love it here and I don’t have any plans of leaving. I hope more and more people can come to Wuxi.


Sebastian, UK

“I have been in Wuxi for more than 4 years and I like it very much.” Sebastian from the United Kingdom said that “Wuxi has cultural heritage such as Huishan clay figurines, purple sand, and tin embroidery, which can particularly represent the profoundness of oriental culture. Life in Wuxi is also very convenient. There are subways and high-speed rails to go out, and there are many interesting attractions.” Sebastian is starting a business in Wuxi. He made an app to recommend sights and foods from all over China for foreign tourists. He said: “I want to introduce Wuxi to people all over the world.”


Leistler, Grenada

Leistler from Grenada is studying Chinese at Jiangnan University. She loves to laugh and said that Wuxi is a good place. “I love it the most. There are many delicious foods in Wuxi, such as dumplings and pork ribs. I eat a lot every time.” Leistler said that she knows that the Mid-Autumn Festival is a traditional festival that Chinese people attach great importance to. She also learned about the origin of the Mid-Autumn Festival, knew the legend of Chang’e and the moon, and tasted moon cakes, which were very sweet and good. “It is an unforgettable experience to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival in Wuxi.”


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