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Zhejiang University City College logoZhejiang University City College

Zhejiang University City College

Zhejiang University City College Zhejiang University City College
Zhejiang University City College Zhejiang University City College


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Zhejiang University City College logo

Introduction to Zhejiang University City College

Zhejiang University City College (浙大城市学院, ZUCC) is a public higher education institution approved by the Ministry of Education and organized by Hangzhou Municipal People’s Government. In June 2020, Hangzhou Municipal People’s Government and Zhejiang University signed a cooperation agreement to support the development of ZJU City College to become one of China’s top 100 colleges in ten years.


Basic Information

The college is located in Hangzhou, a famous historical and cultural city and scenic tourist resort in China, adjacent to the world cultural heritage of Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal. Our campus covers an area of more than 1,000 mu, with a campus area of more than 510,000 square meters, and an additional campus of more than 1,000 mu, which is compatible with the future urban plan, which is under planning. There are 10 colleges including College of Computer and Computing Science and one Sino-foreign cooperative institution (college) including the University of Waikato Joint College, with 38 undergraduate majors covering eight disciplines including literature, economics, management, law, engineering, science, medicine and art.

There are more than 11,200 full-time undergraduates, and more than 250 master’s degree students are jointly trained with Zhejiang University. There is a faculty team led by academicians, with national and provincial outstanding teachers as the backbone, and more than 1,000 teaching staff, with nearly 50% of full-time teachers holding senior technical positions.


Talent Cultivation

The university adheres to the spirit of seeking for innovation, implements the fundamental task of establishing moral education, insists on the “five education” of moral, intellectual, physical, aesthetic and labor, and focuses on cultivating high-quality applied, compound and innovative talents with a sense of social responsibility and strong social, political and economic construction ability, as well as international vision and the ability to participate in international competition. There are 1 national first-class undergraduate major, 7 first-class disciplines and key disciplines in Zhejiang Province, 17 provincial first-class majors, key majors and special majors, 1 provincial engineering laboratory and 1 provincial key laboratory (cultivation), and 3 provincial experimental teaching demonstration centers; 23 national and provincial first-class undergraduate courses and high-quality courses have been awarded in recent years, and the university has been selected as a provincial classroom innovation school. In recent years, the university has been awarded 23 national and provincial first-class undergraduate courses and high-quality courses, and has been selected as a provincial classroom innovation school. Innovative talent cultivation mechanism, the establishment of the “Quest for Excellence Eagle Class” (in cooperation with Zhejiang University), “Dental Hygiene International Special Class” (in cooperation with the U.S. Loma Linda University); the first national “Urban Digital Governance Innovation Class The first “Urban Digital Governance Innovation Class” was established in China, and classes with industrial characteristics such as “Digital Governance”, “Digital Trade” and “Digital Culture and Tourism” were opened to cultivate composite application talents that are in shortage in society.


Scientific Research

Facing national strategies and major local development needs, the university actively promotes the construction of science and education innovation complex, with the City Brain Research Institute, Happy City Research Institute, Brain and Cognition Research Institute, Future City Research Institute, Institute of Territorial Spatial Planning, Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal Culture Research Institute, Civilization and Communication Research Institute, Intelligent Transportation Engineering Research Center, Supercomputing Center, Cryogenic Center, etc. led by academicians, high-level academic leaders and innovation teams. There are 42 research institutions at all levels, including supercomputing center and cryogenic center. “During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, the research results have won 18 scientific research awards at the provincial and ministerial levels and above, and the total amount of research funds in the past five years has exceeded 410 million yuan.


Social Services

ZUCC insists on being based in Hangzhou, serving Zhejiang and facing the whole country, and promotes the social service of close integration of government, industry, academia and research. It has carried out strategies and cooperated with Gongshu District, Municipal Intermediate People’s Court, Hangzhou Municipal Party School, Municipal Transportation Investment Group, and Mio Land International Exhibition Co., Zhejiang Zhongguo Research Institute, BOE Technology Group, Xizi United Holdings Limited, Guangyu Group, Zhejiang Hekang Medical Group, etc., and built a number of high-level R&D platforms. The university has a college of continuing education to carry out education and training.


International Exchange and Cooperation

ZUCC insists on taking the road of open schooling and actively promotes international education. Introducing foreign high-quality educational resources, there is one Sino-foreign cooperative institution with the University of Waikato in New Zealand, six course programs with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in the United States, Nagasaki International University in Japan, Nottingham Trent University in the United Kingdom, and nearly 70 universities in the United States, Japan, France, Germany, New Zealand and other countries (territory) to establish exchanges and cooperation, and co-establish with Linda University in Rome in the United States, etc. The International Health Science Center has pioneered the cultivation of undergraduate dental hygiene talents in China. The high quality international education resources and the strong international campus atmosphere have created good conditions for students to grow and become successful. The average rate of overseas further studies for undergraduates in the past three years has reached 10%, among which the average acceptance rate of QS Top 100 universities is over 60%.


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