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Xidian University Campus Xidian University Campus
Xidian University Campus Xidian University Campus
Xidian University Campus


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Introduction to Xidian University

Xidian University (XDU) dedicates primarily to the physical science and knowledge analysis and education, with associate degree integration of a large variety of educational subjects covering engineering, science, humanities and social sciences.

It is one of the universities funded by Project 211 and Project 985 Innovation Platform for Superiority Subject, one of the first 35 universities having model School of Software and one of the primary nine universities having a model college of electronics. It is an essential base of IT talents fostering and high-level scientific research innovation in China.

Xidian University has over thirty-five thousand students, including over twelve thousand graduates in 18 colleges. Xidian University is one in all the pioneer universities that establish the majors of knowledge theory, information systems engineering, radar, microwave antenna, electronic machinery. In the fields of electronics and information, Xidian University possesses distinct advantages and features in cultivation and scientific research.

There are 14 doctorate disciplines, 32 master disciplines, nine centers for post-doctoral studies, and 53 undergraduate programs. In the Fourth National Assessment of First-level Disciplines, electronics major of the university ranks the 1st, information and telecommunications engineering ranks 3rd, and computer science and technology ranks seventh in China.

Xidian University has established cooperative relationships with 144 universities and institutions in more than 80 countries and regions. Sixty-two joint laboratories have been founded with multinational corporations, including Microsoft, IBM, Intel, SAP, TI, AD, etc.

Since its establishment in 1931, Xidian University has cultivated more than 250,000 graduates in the fields of electronics and engineering. Xidian University has been creating excellent efforts to upgrade itself into a superior world university featured in physical science and knowledge science.

Today, Xidian University’s mission is to draw in and foster world abilities creating technology serve individuals higher. Our vision is to lead China’s western region to connect with the rest of the world. Our core values are open, embrace, cooperate, and share.


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city iconAbout Xi’an

Xi’an (Panorama) is the capital of Shaanxi Province and the oldest of the Four Great Ancient Capitals, having held the position under several of the most important dynasties in Chinese history. It is about 2 hours by air from Beijing and 2 hours from Shanghai. Known as the leading city of China’s Western Development Drive Program since 1990s, Xi’an is an important economic, cultural, industrial and educational center of the central-northwest region, providing visitors with modern and convenient facilities.


Xi’an was the eastern terminus of the Silk Road, and played a very important part in Chinese history. Today Xi’an is one of the most important and convenient transportation hubs in central and western China. Frequent flights, trains and buses connect the city with other major cities all around the country. The urban transportation of the city has been somewhat frustrating in recent years because of the metro construction. Now metro line 1, line 2 and line 3 are in operation. Several other lines are also under construction or in the planning process. For now the buses and taxis can take you to get around the city.


Xi’an is a foodie paradise, with excellent restaurants serving local and international cuisine. You can’t come to Xi’an without sampling the following: savory, often spicy roujiaomo “burgers”; DIY roupaomo, a soupy concoction of bread in mutton stew; cumin-laden meat skewers in the Muslim Quarter; and refreshing liangpi rice noodles with peanut sauce, perfect for cooling down in the heat of summer. Make sure to visit the night market to explore the flavors of Shaanxi street food.


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