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Introduction to Shanghai University

Shanghai University (SHU) is one of the top 40 Chinese universities, top 100 Asian universities, the premier university of Shanghai, and a member of China Project 211 Universities. It is a comprehensive university offering 82 undergraduate programs, 187 graduate programs, and 97 doctoral programs in various disciplines including science, humanities & social sciences, engineering, economics & management, art, etc.

Shanghai University was founded in 1922, and has been developed into a university with profound academic traditions and outstanding research facilities, embracing students from various countries with its global outlook. Just like the city of Shanghai, Shanghai University has undergone dramatic changes in the past few decades, turning into a multicultural community with tremendous opportunities and resources. Shanghai University is inspired to build a highly effective platform for “Developing Talent”, “Conducting Science & Technology Research”, and “Serving Society”. Faculty and students can grow together in a supportive and pleasant learning environment. Through the continuous improvement of the “All-round and whole-person” education model, Shanghai University aims at providing society graduates cultivated with global vision, citizenship consciousness, humanity mindset, innovative spirit and practical ability to meet future challenges. The university currently has 14987 graduate students, 20652 undergraduate students, and 4361 international students. Students graduated from Shanghai University are widely welcomed by employers from various firms and companies, as proved by the employment rate of 99.63% in 2017. There are currently 2965 faculty members working for the university, including 677 professors and 1093 associate professors. To be more specific, 34 faculty members receive special allowance from the State Council; 11 professors were awarded as the Yangze River Scholars; and 29 members accepting funding and scholarship from the National Natural Science foundation of China. Based on the contribution of our top-level faculty and diligent students, Shanghai University has achieved collaboration with 178 universities in 42 nations and regions, managing 5 Confucius Institutes with partners in North America, Europe, Asia, etc.With a clear educational mission and objectives on talent cultivation, combined with global perspectives and creative awareness, Shanghai University aims to become a key player in both the domestic and overseas education sectors.

Shanghai University is also known for its vigorous international exchanges and cooperation. So far the University has established academic links and cooperation with dozens of foreign universities, including faculty and student exchanges. Currently, over 4,000 international students are studying on Shanghai University campuses.

Shanghai University has made a medium and long-term strategic plan which has set greater goals for the development of the university. The plan aims at constructing a green, safe and informationalized campus and cultivating a university culture that is characteristic of persistent self-improvement, innovation, the spirit to pursue the best, an open and inclusive attitude to create a harmonious and active campus atmosphere. It also aims at creating a globalized campus to satisfy the needs of all kinds of students for their cultivation in sciences, culture, sports and arts. The university is striving to develop into a first-class comprehensive university in China with a high-level talents training system and a knowledge innovation system as well in proportion to the city’s position as a modern international metropolis.


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