Weekend Party for Foreign Teachers at YUFE

2015. Dec 12th

On the afternoon of November 29th, a weekend party was held by International Coopreration and Exchange Office. Seven foreign teachers from United States, Australia, Thailand, Bangladesh and Vietnam participated in the party. Vice President Yin Hong also attended the activity.


Before the commencement of the party, foreign teachers and staff members from International Cooperation and Exchange Office were divided into Red Team and Blue Team and then an exhilarating volleyball match began. They all performed actively and managed to do their best, so there was an almost equal amount of scores, which was hard to tell who would be the winner. At the last moment, Blue Team had the victory by only one score.

On behalf of YUFE, Vice President Yin Hong expressed sincere wishes to foreign teachers at the beginning of the party and he also hoped that all the foreign teachers would enjoy working and living each day in YUFE.


The theme of the party was wine-tasting. Deputy Secretary Zhu Rui from Law School elaborated guests present about the place of origin, category, brewing process, culture and other aspects of wine, which helped them form a better understanding of the wine culture as they were tasting the wine while listening. Later, foreign teachers and staff members started to play Motion Sensing Game and the whole room was in a pleasant atmosphere with lasting laughter.

Foreign teachers were content with this activity and they hoped there would be more such activities to enrich their extracurricular lives.



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