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Sun Yat-sen University English Teaching Jobs

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Sun Yat-Sen University ESL Jobs

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About the School of International Studies
Since its founding in 2005, the School of International Studies (SIS) has aimed to develop high quality foreign language programs and area studies courses at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. With a special emphasis on international faculty, SIS now has 23 foreign language instructors employed from different nations like the U.S., the U.K., Spain, Jordan, South Korea, Russia and Portugal.

The courses offered by SIS are designed to allow students to improve their foreign language proficiency and, more importantly, gain a better understanding of the nature of human languages and cultures.

1. 16 periods of weekly instruction in the EFL program (45 minutes per class period);
2. Teaching Academic English, Verbal Communication, Writing, Translation, and culture-oriented courses to undergraduate and/or postgraduate students of English;
3. Planning, teaching, and evaluating assigned classes in accordance with SIS;
4. Facilitating testing during each course, including marking tests and grading assignments;
5. Fulfilling teaching duties as required and/or requested by the SIS;
6. Participating in professional development programs such as course coordination meetings, open discussions, and seminars;
7. Participating in program activities, such as training, orientation, workshops, placement tests, etc.;
8. Organizing and participating in on- and off-campus activities and events (English corner, speech contest, etc.);
9. Keeping 2 office hours per week to advise/counsel students who may need extra help.

Salary, Benefits and Terms
Monthly salary: 9667 RMB (pre-tax)+stipends (2500 RMB,pre-tax )
Free accommodation provided in the faculty apartment
12-month contract (from September 1, 2019 to August 31, 2020), renewable

We are looking for instructors
-Who have a Bachelor’s degree or above awarded by the universities in English-speaking countries;
-Who have a minimum two years ESL/EFL teaching experience with adult learners;
(Note: Candidates can be exempt from the two-year teaching experience requirement with a degree in the fields of English, education, linguistics, or qualified international TEFL certificates, otherwise they have to obtain a TEFL certificate by participating in training organized by the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs [SAFEA])
-Who are able to commit to a one-year contract;
-Who are committed to student education and teaching profession;
-Who are creative and flexible to adapt to an experiential approach to teaching;
-Who are sensitive to cultural differences;
-Who can teach more than one subject with a total of 16 periods a week;
-Who can work with other teachers at the Writing Center to help students with their English competence for academic and professional purposes;
-Who can assist in material development and work with other teachers to organize workshops for the SIS Teacher Professional Development Program.

Application Procedures
Please send to Ms. Fan Xiuhui at the email address of the following documents:
-Cover letter (max: 500 words)
-CV in English
-Scanned copy of your valid passport
-Scanned copy of your highest degree certificate and teaching certification
-Reference letter by your current or previous employer
-Scanned copy of your valid working permit and residency permit if you are currently working in China

You can also contact us by the following mailing address:
School of International Studies
Sun Yat-sen University
No. 2, University Road, Tangjiawan
Zhuhai, 519082
Guangdong Province, P.R. China
Tel: 0756-3668046

Sun Yat-sen University English Teaching Jobs

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2. For other job openings, please follow ISAC Job Board.
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