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Zhejiang Normal University Zhejiang Normal University
Zhejiang Normal University Zhejiang Normal University

Introduction to Zhejiang Normal University

Zhejiang Normal University (website) was established in 1956. The main campus of Zhejiang Normal University is located in Jinhua, a medium-sized city in central Zhejiang Province. ZJNU began as Hangzhou Teachers Associate College in 1956, and through a process of mergers and name changes evolved into the Zhejiang Normal University we know today. Read More.

Job Requirement and Offerings

Job Description

  • Title: English language and culture teacher
  • Courses: College English, Oral English, English Writing, Survey of English-Speaking Countries etc.


  • 1. Bachelors degree or higher
  • 2. Native speaker of English
  • 3. Applicants with TESOL/TEFL/English/English Education degree,
    or have an English teacher qualification certificate
    or have a 120-hour TEFL/TESOL/TESL certificate
    or at least 2 years’ teaching expe


  • 1. 14-16 periods of teaching per week (one period is 40 minutes)
  • 2. No office hours required


  • Negotiable

1. Airfare subsidy 10,000 yuan/year
2. Water and electricity subsidy 300 yuan/month
3. Travel subsidy 1100 yuan/semester
4. A well-furnished, free apartment is provided by the university
5. Health insurance package
6. Free Chinese classes offered by the university

1. Resume or CV
2. Electronic copy of diploma
3. Electronic copy of passport
4. Electronic copy of TEFL/TESOL/TESL certificate if applicable

“Our university is the best normal university (teachers’ university) in Zhejiang province, the campus is very green and very poetic sitting just beside the Jianfeng Mountain. Our campus is one of the most famous attraction site in the city of Jinhua. Jinhua is not a big city, and there is less population, not really a traffic jam and the air quality is very good because of the mountains and high coverage of greenery. The campus, cloaked with green trees everywhere, is really a poetic place for studying and living.

The campus is about 10 mins drive from the Jinhua Station, where you can take a bullet train to Hangzhou in 56 minutes and to Shanghai in 2 hours and 10 minutes. Near the campus there are shops and restaurants. Working at ZJNU, you don’t see many foreigners, but you can pick up Chinese quickly while being fully immersed in the beautiful environment. Jinhua people are very friendly to foreigners and they don’t usually see foreigners, don’t be surprised if you are popular on and off campus. If you are looking for a working place really close to the nature, you are more than welcome to join us and hopefully you will enjoy working in our scenic campus as much as we do!”

Zhejiang Normal University CampusCanola flowers on campus Zhejiang Normal University CampusChuyang lake
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A private two bedroom apartment is provided for each foreign expert. The apartment includes wooden flooring and is all furnished, with sofa, AC, desk, dining table etc.

Zhejiang Normal University Accommodation Zhejiang Normal University Accommodation
Zhejiang Normal University Accommodation Zhejiang Normal University Accommodation


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