Zhejiang Tongji Vocational College of Science and Technology

Zhejiang Tongji Vocational College of Science and Technology

Zhejiang Tongji Vocational College of Science and Technology Zhejiang Tongji Vocational College of Science and Technology
Zhejiang Tongji Vocational College of Science and Technology Zhejiang Tongji Vocational College of Science and Technology
Zhejiang Tongji Vocational College of Science and Technology Zhejiang Tongji Vocational College of Science and Technology


Introduction to Zhejiang Tongji Vocational College of Science and Technology

Zhejiang Tongji Vocational College of Science and Technology (website) is a full-time public higher vocational college organized by the Zhejiang Provincial Water Resources Department. It was formerly the Zhejiang Hydropower Technical School established in 1959 and the Zhejiang Water Conservancy Vocational Secondary School established in 1984. It was officially established with the approval of the Zhejiang Provincial People’s Government Since the founding of the school, the college has persisted in hard work and pioneering, and has established a national water conservancy higher vocational education model college and a national civilized unit. It is a national high-quality water conservancy higher vocational college construction unit and a modern apprenticeship pilot unit of the Ministry of Education for water conservancy construction. Career and regional economic development have made outstanding contributions.


The college is located in the beautiful Qiantang River and a famous historical and cultural city in China. It consists of the school headquarters, Dajiangdong Campus and Chengbei Campus. It covers an area of 998.9 mu and has a school building area of 176,800 square meters. It has complete facilities and complete functions. Teaching and learning buildings, training buildings, administrative buildings, libraries, gymnasiums and other teaching and living rooms, teaching and research equipment worth more than 70 million yuan, collection of paper books and electronic books 930,000.

The school is based in Zhejiang, relying on the water conservancy industry, taking the major civil engineering as the main body, featuring water conservancy and hydropower, architectural art majors, coordinated development of relevant professions, and cultivating high-quality technical and technical personnel needed for production, construction and management. Existing water conservancy engineering department, building engineering department, mechanical and electrical engineering department, engineering and economic management department, art design department, basic teaching department (thought and political department), six teaching units, opening water conservancy projects, water conservancy and hydropower construction projects, construction projects 22 majors in technology, engineering cost, environmental art design, architectural design, power plant and power system, and mechatronics. The college has continuously deepened the connotation construction, and the level of teaching and research has been continuously improved. There are two major central financial support construction projects, 10 specialization and special construction projects in Zhejiang higher vocational colleges, and high-quality professional education and backbone majors in national water conservancy higher vocational education. There are 11 key construction majors in the demonstration profession and water conservancy demonstration colleges. Completed national and provincial quality courses, 16 national professional teaching resource library courses, 31 provincial and ministerial level key textbooks, excellent textbooks, new forms of textbooks, etc., and won 10 provincial and ministerial teaching achievement awards.

The college pays attention to the cultivation of high-skilled talents. It has 18 on-campus training bases and 356 closely-connected off-campus practice bases. As a pilot unit of the modern apprenticeship system of the Ministry of Education, the school established the modern apprenticeship college “Dayu College” and actively carried out “modernization”. Apprenticeship reform of talent training mode; set up a national vocational skill appraisal institute, a specialized skill appraisal station for water conservancy industry, provide services for industry training and research.

International Cooperation

The college actively expands international exchanges and cooperation, and successively cooperate with the United States, Australia, Thailand, Taiwan More than 10 countries (outside the country) have signed a friendly cooperation agreement, and cooperated with the United States Bates College to carry out professional cooperation in mechanical and electrical integration, and cooperated with the University of St. Martin in the United States to carry out water conservancy engineering and construction engineering technology. In 2008, the college won the “Outstanding Contribution Award for National Skills Talent Cultivation”. In 2011, it was awarded the National Water Conservancy Vocational Education Advanced Collective. In 2014, it was recognized as the Zhejiang Province Professional and Technical Personnel Continuing Education Base by the Provincial People’s Office. In 2016, it was the Ministry of Water Resources. Determined as a high-skilled talent training base for the national water industry.

Up to now, the college has more than 6,700 full-time students. There is a team of teachers who are suitable for higher vocational education and who are called high and intermediate titles. There are 414 faculty members. In recent years, the college has hired masters of skills, skilled craftsmen, and professional managers as skill instructors to create a team of teachers with sufficient quantity, reasonable structure, and industry recognition. There are more than 30 talented people in the national talents, experts enjoying special allowances from the State Council, Zhejiang “151 Talent Project”, and “325 Top Talent Project”.

The college has continuously deepened the construction of civilized campuses. The cultural spirit leads the harmonious development of the college. Looking forward to the future, the college will further emancipate the mind, gather strength, seize opportunities, develop and innovate, promote a new round of leap-forward development of various undertakings, and strive to build a high-quality and high-quality higher vocational college with distinctive characteristics and domestic first-class water conservancy.



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