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Introduction to Yan’an University

Yan’an University (延安大学, website) is the first comprehensive university named by Comrade Mao Zedong himself and founded by the Communist Party of China. Currently, it is a university jointly established by the Shaanxi Provincial People’s Government and the Ministry of Education, a high-level construction university in Shaanxi Province, and an admissions college in Shaanxi Province.

In 1941, the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee decided to merge Northern Shaanxi Public School, China Women’s University, and Zedong Youth Cadre School to form Yan’an University, with Wu Yuzhang as its president. Later, Yan’an Lu Xun Academy of Arts and Letters, College of Natural Sciences, College of Nationalities, New Character Cadre School, School of Administration, etc. were successively incorporated. In 1947, some teachers and students of Yan’an University went to Northeast China, North China and Northwest China to run schools. In July 1958, the People’s Government of Shaanxi Province decided to rebuild Yan’an University. In 1998, Yan’an Medical College, Yan’an People’s Hospital, and Yan’an University merged to form the new Yan’an University, which was listed as a provincial key university in Shaanxi Province. In 2005, the school was listed as the Yan’an University jointly established by the Shaanxi Provincial People’s Government and the Ministry of Education, and in 2011 it was listed as a high-level construction university in Shaanxi Province.

More than 80 years after the establishment of the school, the development of Yan’an University has been highly valued and cared for by the leaders of the party and state and all walks of life. In 1944, after Yan’an University completed the merger of eight universities, Mao Zedong and Zhu De personally attended the opening ceremony of Yan’an University and delivered important speeches. In April 1966, Deng Xiaoping and Li Fuchun met some teachers and students from Yanda during their inspection work in Yan’an. In October 1998, Jiang Zemin personally wrote an inscription for the 60th anniversary of Yan’an University: “Educating people with the spirit of Yan’an, creating talents for the country through science and education”. On May 24, 2004, Hu Jintao made important instructions for the construction of Yan’an University, demanding that all parties “jointly support the good running of Yan’an University.” On September 19, 2017, on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of Yan’an University, General Secretary Xi Jinping made important instructions, fully affirming the school’s philosophy and achievements, and encouraged the school to “not forget the original intention, continue to move forward, carry forward the spirit of Yan’an, and be brave Reform and innovation will make this university with a glorious history more unique and more level. ”

Yan’an University currently has 15,234 undergraduates, 1,892 graduate students, 1,527 faculty and staff, and 922 full-time teachers; it has 18 secondary departments, 1 independent college and 10 affiliated hospitals, and 16 primary disciplines Master’s degree authorization points, 61 undergraduate majors, 6 provincial superiority and characteristic disciplines, 2 provincial first-class disciplines, 9 professional degree authorization categories, 1 humanities and social sciences key research base of the Ministry of Education, 1 National Tourism Administration Tourism innovation development research base, 9 provincial scientific research platforms, 2 provincial innovation teams, 6 academician workstations.

Since the “13th Five-Year Plan”, the school has formulated “13th Five-Year Plan” career development plan, “chasing and surpassing implementation plan”, “implementing the spirit of General Secretary Jinping’s important instructions to promote the implementation of high-level university construction”, Provincial Government’s Opinions on Supporting the Accelerated Construction and Development of Yan’an University> Implementation Plan “establishes the strategic goal of” constructing distinctive high-quality, well-known high-level teaching and research universities in the country “, and proposes” highlighting the characteristics of the four major schools and improving the five major schools The work idea of ??the company clarified the strategic task of catching up and surpassing the “three steps”, established the positioning of the talent cultivation goal of “Yan’an Spiritual Traits”, and designed the strategic measures of the “Ten Projects and Seven Plans”.

Yan’an University organized the implementation of the “Four Projects and Two Plans” for undergraduate teaching. Twelve undergraduate majors were listed as provincial “first-class majors” construction and cultivation projects, and 445 classroom teaching reform projects and 313 asset education programs were established. , Students won more than 1,000 competitions in various disciplines, and more than 570 national and provincial venture projects. The one-time employment rate of undergraduates remained above 90%. The best in the province.

Teachers from Yan’an University have undertaken more than 200 national and provincial scientific research projects, and obtained more than 20 provincial and ministerial scientific research results; published 5,520 papers, of which 457 were included in the four major searches; 247 books and textbooks were published, and more than 400 authorized patents Pieces. Yan’an University specially hires more than 20 nationally renowned experts, 320 Ph.D. doctors, and nearly 100 PhD candidates; 2 experts enjoy special government allowances from the State Council, 5 national outstanding teachers, 1 Huang Danian-style teacher team, and 17 people were awarded ” “Shaanxi Provincial Teaching Master” was selected into 40 provincial-level talents, and 5 were selected to be members of the Higher Education Teaching Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education 2018-2022.

Yan’an University has established inter-school cooperative relations with more than 50 universities in more than 10 countries and regions including the United States, Britain, Germany, and Spain. Government Scholarship Qualification Institutions for Chinese Students, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Admission Qualification Institutions.

Yan’an University is the center of spreading the Yan’an spirit in the new era. The school adheres to the Yan’an spirit as the foundation of the school, educates the soul, and comprehensively advances the “one body and two wings” Yanan spirit education. The school relies on the national ideological and political work team training and training center, national college students’ cultural quality education base, the national youth revolutionary traditional education base, the party school training base of the Ministry of Education, the patriotic education base of Shaanxi Province, the Yan’an spiritual education base of college students, etc. The base established the “Dongdong University” and “Zedong Cadre College”, and carried out a variety of patriotic education activities for nearly 100,000 young people and cadres from all over the country.

With the care and support of the provinces and municipalities, on April 22, 2016, the school started construction of a new campus. The construction area of ??the new campus is 540,000 m2, and 53 buildings are planned for construction. At present, the new campus is basically completed, and the school’s operating conditions have been completely improved.


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