Wuxi Vocational College of Science And Technology

Wuxi Vocational College of Science And Technology


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Introduction to Wuxi Vocational College of Science And Technology

Wuxi Vocational College of Science And Technology (无锡科技职业学院, website) is the first public vocational college hosted by a state-level high-tech development zone in Jiangsu Province and a model vocational college in Jiangsu Province. The school is located in the most economically dynamic Yangtze River Delta geometric center, the birthplace of Wu culture, and the historical and cultural city known as the “Pearl of Taihu Lake”-Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province. It is located in more than 3,000 high-tech enterprises and 53 worlds. The core area of Wuxi High-tech Development Zone, a national-level development zone of Fortune 500 companies, is adjacent to the beautiful Xinzhou Ecological Park. The surrounding airports, high-speed rail, subway and other transportation infrastructure are complete, the environment is elegant, and the transportation is convenient.

Wuxi Vocational College of Science And Technology has 7 schools including the School of Internet of Things and Software Technology, the School of Electronic Technology, the Sino-German Institute of Mechatronics, the International Business School, the School of Culture and Creativity, the School of Foreign Languages and Basic Education, and the School of Continuing Education (Community College) The college has six professional groups: intelligent interconnection, photovoltaic engineering technology, intelligent manufacturing application technology, business process service outsourcing, digital culture and creative design, and foreign affairs management. To connect with the strategic layout of Wuxi High-tech Zone “taking emerging industries as the leader, advanced manufacturing as the mainstay, and modern service industry as the support”, a total of 33 specialties are set up, all of which are compatible with the economic development of Wuxi and are precisely connected with the development of high-tech industries. Formed a professional pattern of parallel development of engineering, science, literature, and art. There are 40 practice bases on campus and 208 off-campus training bases, including the Ministry of Education’s Industrial Robot Application Talent Training Center, the central financial support training base, and the province. Financially supported training bases, provincial higher vocational education production-education in-depth integration training platforms, provincial higher vocational college engineering technology research and development centers, and other high-level platforms, have introduced Suntech Solar, AstraZeneca and other well-known enterprises “teaching workshops”.

Wuxi Vocational College of Science And Technology covers an area of 391 acres, with a building area of 287,700 square meters. The library holds 630,000 printed documents and 1 million electronic and digital documents and information resources. The school strives to build a “double-teacher” professional teaching team combining full-time and part-time jobs. There are currently 539 full-time and part-time teachers in and outside the school. The proportion of full-time teachers with a master’s degree or above is 70.4%, and the proportion of senior titles is 37.64%. “The quality ratio is 86.21%. Flexible introduction of high-level talents, more than 80 corporate returnee doctors, industry elites, business technology experts were hired as school industry professors, creating a school-enterprise “mixed” teaching team. There are nearly 7,200 full-time students.

Wuxi Vocational College of Science And Technology is committed to individualized development guidance for students and the cultivation of artisans in the future. Relying on the strong industrial, talented, and technical background of Wuxi High-tech Zone, deepen the “innovation-driven, district-school integration, production-education integration” talent training model , Led the formation of the National Mobile Internet and Robot Vocational Education Group, the National “Internet of Things and Intelligent Interconnected Production and Education Collaborative Education Group” and the Wuxi Service Outsourcing Vocational Education Group, and jointly established corporate colleges with large-scale backbone enterprises to create collaborative education, The advantage carrier of collaborative innovation has formed a new Wu model with distinctive characteristics of “district-school integrated education”. In the 15 years since its establishment, the university has trained more than 30,000 highly-skilled personnel for the country. The employment rate of graduates has remained above 98%, and the local and regional employment rate has reached 78%. Collective “title.

Wuxi Vocational College of Science And Technology has vigorously promoted the opening of schools. The Sino-Singapore Outsourcing Management College is the first non-independent legal person Chinese-foreign cooperatively-run school that has been approved by the provincial government and filed by the Ministry of Education. Resources, established the “Belt and Road” education and training base in Vietnam at the Singapore branch of PSB College in Singapore.

Wuxi Vocational College of Science And Technology actively serves the construction of regional economy and actively carries out collaborative innovation. It has successively established a number of university-level collaborative innovation centers and SME technology service centers, and has formed a “research assistant team” to actively carry out “four technology services”. The school has a Wuxi High-tech Zone Short-term Talent Training Institute and a Wuxi High-Tech Zone Short-term Talent Training Alliance. It has trained more than 8,200 post-undergraduate software service outsourcing talents, and completed nearly 80,000 on-the-job education training and vocational skills appraisal for cadres and employees in the region. Number of visits; Xinwu District Community College provides services such as academic upgrading, skills training, and non-profit education to enterprises and communities in the district, and has been rated as “Provincial Community College” and “Provincial Excellent Adult Continuing Education College (Training Institution)” “National Excellent Adult Continuing Education Institutions (Training Institutions)” “40 Best Social and Educational Units in the 40th Anniversary of the Reform and Development of Adult Education in Jiangsu Province”. The school has been awarded the “China Industry-University-Research Cooperation Promotion Award”, and has been rated as “Information Professional Technical Talent Knowledge Update Engineering Training Base”, “National Computer Professional Talent Training Base”, “Huaxia Shuxiang Campus”, “Jiangsu Province Civilized School”, “Jiangsu Province” “Safe and Civilized Campus”, “Jiangsu Software and Service Outsourcing Talent Training and Innovation Experimental Base”, “Jiangsu Creative Education Demonstration Base”, and “Jiangsu International Service Outsourcing Talent Training Base”, won the “Wuxi Vocational Education” in 2016 and 2018 Industrial Development Contribution Award. ”


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