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Sichuan University Jinjiang College


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Introduction to Sichuan University Jinjiang College

Sichuan University Jinjiang College (四川大学锦江学院) is an independent college sponsored by Sichuan University, a century-old university approved by the Ministry of Education; it is a full-time general undergraduate college operating under a new mechanism and model. The college has 14 colleges, 46 undergraduate majors, and 17 junior college majors. The disciplines cover liberal arts, science, engineering, economics, management, and arts.

The college is located in Pengshan District, Meishan City, Sichuan Province. The college occupies an area of more than 1,000 acres, and is planned and constructed according to the concepts of human culture, ecology, and digitalization. The school has modern teaching buildings, experimental buildings, libraries, auditoriums, academic lecture halls, stadiums, landscape parks and other schools. The buildings are exquisite, magnificent, tree-lined, and the environment is beautiful. An ideal place to cultivate your sentiments.

Sichuan University Jinjiang College employs famous teachers at home and abroad to teach. There are currently more than 900 teachers. The backbone teachers are mainly from Sichuan University, of which more than 85% are professors and associate professors. From over 100 undergraduate majors from Sichuan University, the college has selected majors with obvious advantages, strong teachers, large social demand, and good employment prospects to form our school’s professional system.
Professional education pays special attention to the application of theoretical knowledge and the cultivation of practical ability. Graduates get up quickly after entering the job, stay strong, and have strong social adaptability.

The college has established intercollegiate cooperation and exchange relationships with more than 30 universities in the United States, Britain, Germany, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia and other countries, and has established “2 + 2” and “3 + 1” undergraduate cooperation programs. “3 + 1 + 1”, “4 + 1” and other joint training programs, “3 + 1”, “3 + 2” undergraduate promotion programs and exchange students projects In addition, activities such as paid summer internships in the United States, volunteer Chinese language teachers in Thailand, and summer (winter) camps abroad were held.

The college comprehensively supports and guarantees students to carry out various innovative activities independently from the aspects of venues, equipment, facilities, and funding. The school has introduced an innovative credit system, and students must graduate with at least 2 innovative credits to ensure the effective and continuous development of innovative education. The College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Club was named the first batch of provincial college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship club in Sichuan Province.

Sichuan University Jinjiang College specially set up the “Jinjiang Grand Lecture Hall” high-end academic forum, inviting famous experts and scholars at home and abroad to lecture at the school, so that students can reach the forefront of the era from zero distance and feel the master style. So far, more than 100 well-known experts and scholars from universities in the United States, Britain, Germany, Japan, New Zealand, and Peking University, Tsinghua, Fudan, and the National People’s Congress have lectured here. The school insists on equal emphasis on general education, and is committed to cultivating high-quality application-oriented talents with physical and mental health, excellent character, outstanding ability, solid professionalism, and international perspective. Implement the “Five Qualities Development Plan” for students and the reform of physical education teaching in the club mode, and carry out more than 100 second classroom activities throughout the year, including subject knowledge contests, scientific and technological innovation, entrepreneurship programs, literary and artistic creation, speech debates, social practice, and enrichment. Colorful sports activities.

Sichuan University Jinjiang College ranked 5th in the National Top 100 Independent Colleges in 2013, 2014 and 2015; it ranked 3rd in 2016, 2017 and 2018. The school has successively won honors such as “Top 10 Independent Colleges with Comprehensive Strength”, “China’s Most Recognized Independent Colleges”, “Ten Best Independent Colleges Trusted by National Students” and other honors.

Sichuan University Jinjiang College was awarded the title of “Sichuan Civilized Campus” by the Sichuan Provincial Office of Spiritual Civilization, the Department of Education, and the Department of Human Resources and Social Security. The “Top Ten Book Campuses in Sichuan Province” issued by the Propaganda Department of the Provincial Party Committee; awarded the only “National Cheerleading Experimental University” in Sichuan Province by the Gymnastics Sports Management Center of the General Administration of Sport; Building advanced units, “Sichuan Province Garden-style Campus” and other honorary titles.


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