Sichuan Electric Vocational and Technical College

Sichuan Electric Vocational and Technical College


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Introduction to Sichuan Electric Vocational and Technical College

Sichuan Electric Vocational and Technical College (四川电力职业技术学院, website) is a full-time college at the junior college level. It is a state-run company and is affiliated to the State Grid Corporation. It was founded in 1917. It is an industry school with a century-old school history and the only country in the power industry Demonstration higher vocational colleges.

The college is located in Wenjiang District, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province. The campus has a building area of 230,000 square meters and a total area of 822.72 acres. The campus has a beautiful campus environment and first-class teaching and living facilities. It has built a power transmission and distribution line live operation training base, and power grid information operation. Maintenance training bases, grid equipment condition detection training bases, and other domestic first-class training bases, as well as professional skills training rooms covering all types of professional work in the power industry. In addition, the college also owns a production-type off-school teaching hydropower station with its own design and independent production, operation, management, and integration of “production, teaching, and research”. The installed capacity is 3 × 1250kW, and it is an important base for electric power, power, and related professional students for internships.

Sichuan Electric Vocational and Technical College always adheres to the idea of running schools with excellent electric characteristics, constantly adjusts and optimizes the professional structure, controls the scale of enrollment, promotes the deep integration of schools and enterprises, vigorously develops order training, promotes modern apprenticeship education, and implements the “dual-subject” of schools and enterprises (School-enterprise joint training, joint evaluation and assessment), “dual-oriented” (talent training plan based on “enterprise-oriented” and “position-oriented” requirements), “dual certification” (combination of school evaluation and enterprise assessment Model). In recent years, with the strong support of the State Grid Corporation of China, it has actively introduced skilled high-end talents from enterprises, established a long-term mechanism for the construction of a “school-enterprise interaction, talent interoperability” faculty building, and has now created a high-level “double Teacher quality and dual teacher structure “, among the 543 teaching staff in the whole school, graduates and above accounted for 41.07%, associate professors and above accounted for 40.33%, national / provincial outstanding teachers, power craftsmen, and professional masters More than 40 technical experts. For a long time, graduates have been well received by employers. The employment rate is stable and the quality of employment is high. The employment rate of graduates has remained above 95%, the professional counterpart rate has remained above 80%, and more than 60% of students have been employed by state-owned enterprises. Units and colleges have been awarded the title of “Advanced Unit for Graduate Employment in Ordinary Colleges and Universities in Sichuan Province” for many years.

Sichuan Electric Vocational and Technical College strives to build the college into a first-class college of science and technology innovation with an important position in the development of regional economy and industry colleges by 2020.


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