Ganxi Vocational Institute of Science & Technology

Ganxi Vocational Institute of Science & Technology


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Introduction to Ganxi Vocational Institute of Science & Technology

Ganxi Vocational Institute of Science & Technology (赣西科技职业学院, website) is a full-time general institution of higher learning approved by the Jiangxi Provincial People’s Government and filed by the Ministry of Education. It has the status of a nationally-recognized diploma with a college degree.

The college is located in Xinyu City, a national new energy technology city, and was founded in 1986. The college already has nearly 500 million yuan in fixed assets and intangible assets that are difficult to value, with a planned land area of more than 2,000 acres and more than 10,000 students.

Ganxi Vocational Institue of Science & Technology has a team of teachers with high professional quality, reasonable structure and sufficient number. There is a team of more than 800 teachers, mainly doctors, professors, associate professors, graduate students, senior engineers, lecturers and dual-teacher teachers. Many of them are excellent managers and experts and professors from the universities inside and outside the province, as well as the backbone of enterprise technology, and national, provincial and municipal model workers. Mr. Hu Zhenpeng, a member of the Standing Committee of the National People ’s Congress, a deputy director of the Jiangxi Provincial People ’s Congress, and a doctoral tutor, was hired as a visiting professor in our college.

Ganxi Vocational Institute of Science & Technology has an advanced network center and campus broadband network. It has built high-standard computer operation centers, electronic technology experimental centers, national automobile training bases, home appliance experimental centers, clothing design operation centers, and clothing design CAD Room, mold design CAD room, CNC lathe, milling machine, wire cutting, mold practice workshop, accounting simulation operation room, multimedia voice room, studio, audio-visual center, multimedia ladder classroom and other advanced teaching equipment. Established a training base with dozens of large and medium-sized enterprises. The college has modern buildings such as two teaching areas, two student apartment areas, teaching buildings, science and technology experimental buildings, academic exchange centers, administrative office buildings, libraries, expert professor apartments, and student auditoriums, as well as 400-meter standard plastic runways, Sports venues and facilities such as football fields, basketball courts, badminton courts. Has more than one million books, teaching equipment and equipment total value of more than 80 million yuan. The campus canteens, shopping malls, savings, telecommunications, postal services, medical clinics, public security police rooms and other services are complete and convenient.

Ganxi Vocational Institute of Science & Technology adheres to employment-oriented teaching reforms, and has taken the lead in adopting the “order” training method. It has specially established a graduate employment guidance center to provide counseling to students in psychological quality, interview skills, and competition awareness; Actively promote the modern apprenticeship system of vocational education. It has graduate employment offices in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Hangzhou, and Xiamen. It has already worked with FAW-Volkswagen, Guangzhou Toyota, Huawei Group, Younger, Peromon Clothing, Acer Computer, Jiangxi Dozens of Chinese companies such as Xavi, Foxconn, and Shanghai Dafeng have established long-term and stable talent commissioning relationships, and have established corresponding employment commissioning courses with more than 20 companies including Foxconn, Shanghai Dafeng, and FAW-Volkswagen to ensure graduate employment. The rate is over 98%.

Since the founding of Ganxi Vocational Institute of Science & Technology, we have always strived for survival by quality, and promoted the quality of education and teaching as the eternal theme of running a school. Yu students, make every effort to create a “people’s livelihood project” with a high employment rate. So far, the college has trained more than 80,000 skilled, compound, and innovative talents for the country, and has made great contributions to social and economic development.

The college has provided tuition exemptions for disabled people’s federations, homes for the elderly, provincial and municipal disaster relief departments, poverty-stricken students, children of military martyrs, and children of laid-off workers, free training for laid-off workers, disabled people, landless farmers, donated desks and computers, adopted orphans, and Students with disabilities, the Hope Project, Wenchuan, Yushu earthquake relief, participated in the “Love and Help” activities of the Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce, etc., and accumulated donations and donations amounting to more than 30 million yuan.

InstituteThe development of Ganxi Vocational Institute of Science & Technology has received strong support from governments at all levels. In the college’s 12th Five-Year Education Development Plan, it is planned to invest 1.2 billion yuan in Xiannvhu Provincial Vocational Education Park in Xinyu City. It covers an area of more than 1,500 acres and accommodates 30,000 students. It is a three-dimensional vocational undergraduate campus integrating study, living, practical training and scientific research.


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