Kevin – Hangzhou Jingyuan Primary School

Kevin in the interview


Kevin (ISAC Fall 2018 Intake) is from Roseburg, Oregon. He is now an English teacher at Hangzhou Jingyuan Primary School. He has been teaching at the school since Sept. 2018.

Talking about his experience in the new school, he said “it is a really big school, and bigger than any primary school I have seen back in the states”. Regarding the extra-curriculum activities, he mentioned there is a gym in the school with 5 floors, and he played volleyball, badminton and basketball in each floor of the gym with his co-workers. He has not explored the 4th and 5th floor yet, but he is amazed by how well the facilities are at his school.

Food is also what he is interested in talking about. Speaking of which, he mentioned that he likes some food in the cafeteria although not all of them. He sometimes dines out at some pizza places and KFC to have some western food.


What makes you to come to teach in China?

I have always been very interested in coming to Asia in general as I have loved the cultures and history from a young age. Out of all of my options in Asia, China offered the best benefits, salary and security though which is why I ultimately decided to come to China specifically.


What’s your overall experience with ISAC?

It has been very positive overall, they were helpful in guiding me through the steps necessary to get my visa, and with many other questions after my arrival. I was reimbursed for my flight here as promised and I also enjoyed the food tour they hosted.


What are the things you like/don’t like about the school/the city?

The only things I dislike about this school are the same things I dislike about most schools, there are too many students in each classroom, many of the teachers seem overworked, and the children do not have enough nearly enough free time. This is however a problem with the education systems throughout most of the world so it isn’t really a criticism of this school specifically.


Are there any activities/events at your school?

Yes, many activities, which are mostly sports, but a few events as well.


Are there any interesting or awkward stories?

One thing that took some time to get used to is the fact that many doorways here in China have a lifted bottom part that I nearly tripped over several times, so if you are planning to come I would suggest practicing lifting your feet up when you walk through doors.


What’s the most rewarding thing during your time in China?

The children have been very excited to meet me, many even have asked for my autograph like I was a celebrity of some sort. The down side of being a foreigner here is that you may have a hard time fitting in, but I for one have enjoyed the many positive, sometimes over the top, reactions to just seeing me.


ISAC Teacher’s Interview – Kevin from Hangzhou Jingyuan Primary School

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