Application Procedure

ISAC hires foreign teachers for our partner schools according to the public school calendar. Most positions are available for the February (Spring term) and August (Fall term) of each year. There are also some sporadic openings during each term.

Below is the deadline for each intake; we advise all applicants to leave sufficient time for visa application. The visa application process usually takes about 4-6 weeks. Applicants must get their criminal check and diploma authenticated by Chinese embassy/consulate. Please check Visa Document List.

  • Spring Term Intake Application Deadline: January 31st
  • Fall Term Intake Application Deadline: Aug 31st
  • Current Positions: Check Job Board


Application Procedure Step By Step

No. Procedure
1 Check ISAC Program and current Job Board. If interested, submit an application via ISAC website.
2 Qualified applicants will be invited to submit supporting documents including CV, Degree Certificate, Teaching Certificate (if any), Reference Letters (if any) to
3 Applicant has an interview with your interested university/school. Separate interview for different schools.
4 Applicants receive a contract offer (sample contract)
5 Apply for a Work Visa at a Chinese consulate/embassy in your home country or the country you are living in.

Fly to China and start working. Check our Teachers’ Story

*Due to COVID-19, China suspended entry of many groups of people including new foreign workers. China has elastic requirement for different country. Please refer to the Chinese Embassy of your country for more entry information.