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Introduction to College of Foreign Languages at Sanya University

College of Foreign Languages of Sanya University

Since its establishment in 2005, the School of Foreign Languages has continued to grow and develop. It has become a teaching and research unit with an internationalization of teaching staff, innovative education and teaching, diversified research results, and talented personnel. It is committed to creating a composite of international vision. Applied foreign language talent. At present, there are three majors in English, Japanese and Russian, as well as the College English Teaching Department. There is also a Center for Applied Language and Culture Studies, a Cross-Cultural Research Center and a Russian Research Center.

The School of Foreign Languages adheres to the “internationalization” of talent training and expands international exchange internship programs. The School of Foreign Languages currently establishes exchange programs with foreign universities such as Moscow State University, Russian Voronezh State University, Boren University in Thailand, and the Faculty of Management in France. There are also Russian internships at Voronezh State University and Work & Travel USA, and New York, USA. St. John’s University, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University Summer Study Tour Program provide foreign language students with more opportunities to experience exotic cultures, enhance foreign language application skills, and cross-cultural communication and communication skills.

The school adheres to the English platform, Russian club, Shakespeare classic English drama, foreign language cultural festival series activities, etc., to cultivate and improve students’ foreign language ability, learning ability and innovative ability.

The school refines the knowledge, ability, quality requirements and core competencies of English professionals. In accordance with the principle of “professional setting is in line with industry demand, course content is in line with professional standards”, “the teaching process is in direct contact with the production process”, and industry experts and internship units work together to determine the training of English professionals with precise positioning and characteristics. Objectives: Focusing on the core of the “Student Competitiveness” strategy, students will understand basic international cultural etiquette, respect different cultural customs, have basic foreign communication and service capabilities, have international awareness, cross-cultural communication, and be able to trade, Business, English education, cross-cultural communication and other fields of professional and applied talents engaged in public relations, management, training, translation, documentary, customs declaration, secretarial and other positions.


Foreign Teacher Recruitment Notice

Ⅱ. Job Description
-Language Teacher:
Position 1: Teacher For Undergraduate Students (English Majors)
Position 2: Teacher For Undergraduate Students (Non-English Majors) at relevant Schools
-Professional Lecture:
Position 3: Lecture For Undergraduate Students (Business Administration)
Position 4: Lecture For Undergraduate Students (International Economics and Trade)
Position 5: Lecture For Undergraduate Students (Hospitality Management)

Note: Positions aforementioned should be English teaching. Courses are to be assigned based on the applicant’s qualifications and demand specifications in relevant Schools of USY.

Ⅲ. Teaching Staff Criteria

1. Qualification:
The qualified candidates should be: under 60 years old; native speaker of English; Bachelor Degree at least, with 2 years formal teaching experience in higher educational institute (Priority is given to Master and Doctorate Degree holders).
2. Workload: 16 class hours per week normally plus a couple of office hours.
3. in excellent physical condition; all applicants should take and pass the physical examination.
4. no undesirable conduct.
5. professional and wholehearted commitment to teaching; willingness to cooperate with colleagues and departmental leaders is of utmost importance.
6. teachers’ qualification certificate, TEFL, ESL or CELTA is preferable.

Ⅳ. Required Documents
1. Application Form of Foreign Candidates for Teaching Positions at Sanya University (see attachment one)
2. Detailed CV
3. Passport-sized photo
4. Copy of passport photo page
5. Copies of relevant certificates and diplomas, esp. the highest degree
6. Recommendation Letter or Employment Certificate from the previous employers for all teaching experiences, to confirm the years of teaching experience (if it is a Chinese institution, Recommendation Letter Form for the Foreign Teacher or Expert (see attachment two) should be provided, as required for visa; if it is outside boarders, no limited form requirements)
7. Detailed Health Check Report recently (report in the latest one year is preferable)
8. Application Deadline: Faculty recruitment will continue until the positions are filled

Note: These documentations should be sent to this email:, with the file name of “Position ** + your name”, eg: Position 1 + Tom.

Ⅴ. Renumeration Standards for All Positions
1. Salary: In line with the regulations of the Human Resources Department of USY and the candidate’s qualifications.
2. Housing Conditions: free apartment with one bedroom, living room and independent bathroom, well-equipped furniture and bedding.
3. Medical Insurance and Medical Allowance: Comprehensive medical insurance, and a certain amount of medical allowance.
4. Other Welfare: food, transportation, and water and electricity allowance; parties or allowance for all foreign teachers in major holidays; etc.

Ⅵ. Contact Information
Nana Chen
Tel.: +86-898-8838-6171
Address: Rm. 326, International Department, Shuhai Building, Sanya University, Xueyuan Rd., Yingbin Ave., Sanya, Hainan, P. R. China, 572022
(Note that this is a Direct to School Job. For any questions please email to the address above)

Sanya University ESL Jobs

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