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Guilin University of Technology Guilin University of Technology
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Introduction to Guilin University of Technology

Guilin University of Technology (GUT, website) is a university jointly built by the central and local governments and mainly managed by the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. The school originated from Guilin Geology School, which was established in Guangxi by the former Ministry of Heavy Industry in 1956. In 2009, it was renamed Guilin University of Technology.

The university has four campuses, namely, Guilin Pingfeng, Guilin Yanshan, Nanning Anji, and Nanning Airport. The total campus area is more than 3,300 mu.

There are 19 teaching units in the university, 75 undergraduate major, more than 34,000 full-time students, and more than 1,700 full-time teachers. There are two post-doctoral research stations, three first-level doctoral degree programs, 18 first-level master’s degree programs, and nine professional degree categories (including 11 majors in engineering), with excellent undergraduate qualifications. Graduates are exempt from the postgraduate requirements and are focusing on engineering.

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Guilin University of Technology


Guilin University of Technology ESL Jobs

“The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.” – Confucius.

Your Chinese adventure can begin at Guilin University of Technology (GUT) to teach our bright and eager university students. Qualified teachers in the fields of arts, sciences and engineering are actively sought. Our semesters run from September to January and from February to July.

GUT is a state-run university and only the most capable of Chinese students are able to attend a public university. They have worked extremely hard to get where they are, and they cherish the opportunity to have foreign teachers. At GUT you can step into a rewarding and stimulating teaching and cultural experience. The teaching schedule allows enough free time for you to study Chinese, develop a hobby or go sight-seeing. The university is located in the historic city of Guilin on the banks of the Li Jiang River and in the midst of the world famous mountains. It is an hour by bus to Yangshuo, the quaint and laid-back tourist destination. For picture of Guilin and Yangshuo you may Google.

Job Description
1. Teaching hours: No more than 16 hours per week
2. Working language: English.
3. Salary: 8,000-10,000 RMB/month (or above, depends on professional qualifications and experiences).
4. Travel Allowance: 1,100 RMB per semester.
5. Accommodation: Fully furnished apartment, with air-conditioner, TV, and free internet access.
6. We invite your inquires about teaching positions at Guilin University of Technology.

Documents needed for application
1. Copy of the first page of your passport;
2. Resume; (Please state your full name, country of residence, Email address, home ?address and phone number with a description of your academic history and teaching experience);
3. The Copy of your Diploma;
4. Two Letters of Recommendation;
5. Health Record (within 6 months);
6. A Recent Photo;



Guilin University of Technology Accommodation



*To apply for this position fill out application form and put Guilin University of Technology or University Program as your preferred school/program. You will hear from us in 24-48 hours. (holidays excluded)

1. First round interview contact: Lucy Ji, ISAC HR Manager
2. Second round interview contact: Mr. Luo, International Office, Guilin University of Technology
*First round interview is about 10-15 mins, and second round interview is about 15-20 mins


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