GlobalTimes: Third tier cities, a different expat experience in China

Photo: Foreign Teacher at Bohai University in Jinzhou, Liaoning Province   When it comes to international assignments in China, first-tier cities like Beijing and Shanghai are among the most common host cities. In fact, these and other locations, such as Qingdao and Xiamen, have high marks among expats. Increasingly, employees […]

Twenty years’ living and teaching in Jilin, North China

By China Daily Brian Raymond Barrons gives an English class at Jilin Medical University in Jilin province.   The instructor excels as an educator and shows great concern for others Twenty years ago, Brian Raymond Barrons came to the city of Jilin in Northeast China’s Jilin province to learn Chinese. […]

International mindset benefits students’ learning

Six years on, Van Sormakara from Cambodia still remembers his first day in China – “It was a rainy day. I headed for Chongqing University carrying my luggage and my dream.” Sormakara studied Chinese language international education for two years at the university in Southwest China’s Chongqing city. During this […]

Should China enforce tighter rules on foreign teachers?

Editor’s note: China has raised its thresholds for foreigner teachers, given that some foreigners claiming to be English teachers are unqualified for the position. It has been rumored that in a few years all foreign teachers in Beijing must have at least five years’ teaching experience and teacher qualifications or […]

Is it necessary to raise the bar for foreign English teachers?

(Discussion on Linkedin) Editor’s note: Tighter requirements have been placed to ensure the quality of foreign English teachers employed in schools and educational establishments. Do you think it is necessary to raise the bar for foreign teachers? Are native English-speaking teachers always the right choice? Forum readers share their opinion. […]

Illegal foreign English teachers is a problem in China

(2019-02-27) Four suspects were prosecuted in Southwest China’s Chongqing Municipality for helping foreigners illegally come to China and fabricating work permits which allow them teach in schools. An education consulting company called Bokelai is suspected of illegally recruiting foreign people as English teachers to teach in kindergartens, primary and secondary […]

China deports foreign teacher for drug taking, illegal employment

(Discussion on Linkedin) China has deported a foreign teacher for taking drugs and working illegally in Shenzhen city, southern China’s Guangdong Province. The teacher, from Serbia, had been teaching English at a kindergarten in Nanshan district for one year and was seized after kindergarten staff reported him to the police […]