David – Zhejiang Technical Institute of Economics

My name is David Coffin, and I am an English teacher at Zheijiang Technology Institute of Economy (ZJTIE). I am a twenty-one year old native of Atlanta Georgia. I have just begun my second semester of teaching English. I received my Cambridge Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults certification (CELTA) this summer at the Shanghai International Language Center (SILC). I specialize in teaching conversation classes to English majors, though I have also taught a Film class and English for non-English majors.

My hobbies include reading, playing games, watching movies and playing sports. I also spend some of my spare time in the ‘English Village’ which is an area of the library that is focused on English learning. The ‘English Village’ is a smaller version of an English town. In this ‘village’ students are required to only use English as they browse through the bookstore, drink coffee in the café or watch a movie in the meeting room. My favorite game is chess, my wife and I play almost daily during our lunch break. My favorite sport to play is basketball, and I often play with my students, though it is odd to often be the biggest person on the court.

ZJTIE is situated in the Hangzhou Economic Development Area (HEDA), which is on the outskirts of Hangzhou. This is a growing area with 14 secondary schools, and over one hundred thousand students! The entire area caters to students, and features inexpensive eateries as well as a mall with KTV and a Wu Mart.

Teaching at ZJTIE has been a wonderful way for me to pass on some of my knowledge while learning about one of the oldest cultures known to man, and I would recommend this school for anyone looking to experience China and teach English.

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