Easter customs and Russian culture learning activities at UPC

2017. Apr . 19th

To celebrate the Russian traditional festival Easter, and let the students fully experience Russian Culture, Russian teacher Юлия Дюпина and Татьяна Петровна presented a series of Russian culture learning activities.


In class, Russian teachers showed the origin of Easter and a series of customs of Easter to the students in the form of PPT and video. According to tradition, teachers teach students how to greet with each other and give the best wishes in Russian.

During the period, the foreign teacher showed the Easter activities held in the Russian church grandly in the way of video to the students, so that the students could experience the atmosphere of the Russian festival personally in the classroom. The most anticipated part of the class activity is to make Easter eggs, which is the sign of the Easter. It represents the rebirth and vigorous life. Юлия Дюпина and Татьяна Петровна had already prepared materials and tools for students to make eggs in advance, and demonstrated the production process of eggs. After the students one hour of hard work, the characteristic and creative eggs presented in front of everyone. Different from the traditional way of memorizing words in foreign language class, during the process of making eggs, students easily mastered various colors and shapes of Russian words in the process of communicating with foreign teachers.

Another indispensable ornament for Easter holiday is cylindrical bread baked – (Кулич). It indicates the family happiness throughout the year. When the students almost finish the process of making eggs, teachers took out specifically for the event baked bread (Кулич), and shared with their Students. Students said that they’ve experienced Russian culture, learned more knowledge of Russian in a relaxed and cheerful atmosphere. They hope to carry out such teaching activities frequently in the future. Easter (Пасха) is the most solemn religious festival in Russian customs. It symbolizes the rejuvenation of the earth and the recovery of all things, symbolizing that goodness has defeated evil. For Russians, Easter is beyond the scope of religious holidays. For the Russians, Easter is not only a religious holiday, it’s also a national holiday. Like the Chinese New Year, the Easter celebration date is determined according to the old calendar (Russian calendar). Therefore, time is always different.


The China University of Petroleum (East China) study abroad training base adopts a panoramic teaching mode. The senior foreign teachers participate in the whole process of teaching, giving students the opportunity to experience traditional Russian culture in a pure Russian language environment, and learn more cultural knowledge. This extremely improved students’ Russian level and elicit students’ enthusiasm for learning. It has laid a good foundation for students to successfully adapt to foreign teaching mode and study life.

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