Contract Termination

A teaching contract legally stipulates your rights and duties while working in China. While most teachers have a good time in China, some teachers may want to terminate contract for various reasons including unexpected health issues, family emergencies, home sickness or failure to deliver positive attitude. It is important to understand what to do if you wish to terminate your contract. Here explains the way you should do.

  1. Provide a written notice to your employer at least 1 month in advance
  2. Explain to your employer reasons why you wish a contract termination.
  3. Ask your employer to cancel your work permit and give you a release letter. This is important especially if you wish to continue to work in China.

It is highly advised to ask your employer all the information before signing a contract, especially for terminating a contract. Some employers put early termination fine. Just make sure everything is reasonable in your contract. Always do a thorough research before taking a job to see if you like the city, the area, the school and student age group you will be working with. Quitting a job without notice is definitely not recommended, it does not hurt at all to put a release clause in your contract, and that is the best practice ISAC does for all teachers working in various ISAC partner programs in China.