Dean of Zhicheng College Visits Foreign Teacher Daniel

Updated 2020-08-03


为贯彻落实学院疫情防控工作要求和期末教学工作安排,7月1日下午,院长陈为旭、外事办负责人亲切慰问美国外教Daniel Paul Moses。

陈为旭院长与Daniel Paul Moses进行了亲切交流,详细询问了他近期生活和线上教学情况,深入了解了目前遇到的困难并第一时间给予解决办法。随后,陈为旭院长向其介绍了目前学院防疫工作开展情况和暑期工作安排,感谢他对学院疫情防控工作的理解与配合,希望他遵守疫情防控规定,做好自我防护,完成线上教学任务。


On the afternoon of July 1, the dean of Fuzhou University Zhicheng College, Chen Weixu, and the head of the Foreign Affairs Office visited the American foreign teacher Daniel Paul Moses.

Dean Chen Weixu communicated with Daniel, inquired in detail about his recent life and online teaching situation, and got an in-depth understanding of the current difficulties. Subsequently, Dean Chen Weixu introduced the current situation of the college’s epidemic prevention work and summer vocation arrangements, and thanked him for his understanding and cooperation in the college’s work on epidemic prevention and control.

Daniel graduated from the Wharton Business School of the University of Pennsylvania. He has been teaching in China since September 2015. Daniel has been engaged in stock trading on Wall Street in the United States for many years before coming to China. He has also taught tennis to adults and teens. Daniel likes to experience Chinese culture. He especially likes Fuzhou because of the fresh air and pleasing scenery.

(Source: Fuzhou University Zhicheng College)


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