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The High School Attached to Hunan Normal University


The High School Attached to Hunan Normal University or SDFZ (website: http://www.hnsdfz.org/), is a famous, first-tier key public secondary school located in Yuelu District, Changsha, Hunan Province, China, and is one of the most selective schools in the nation. Currently the school has over 400 Faculty members and approximately 6000 students.


General Introduction   

  • The High School Attached to Hunan Normal University was founded in 1905, which had uncountable achievements on secondary education in the past 111 years. Multiple authorized researches showed that our school currently is one of the best high schools in Hunan province, and one of the most competitive high schools in China.
  • The International Department of the High School Attached to Hunan Normal University was formally established in 2010 after fully redecorated and resulted. Currently, the International Department has over 200 students in 7 classes (3 class in Grads 10th, 3 class in Grade 11th and 1 class in Grade 12th). The teaching crew has 52 in total, including 30 teachers and supervisors in full times (which has 6 Foreign teachers for each class), and 22 teachers in part times.


Teach in the International Department of SDFZ   

  • Advanced teaching facilities and accommodation: All-In-One PC & TV blackboard, air conditioner, and writable magnetic glass back wall in each class
  • Convenient public facilities in teacher’s office: private office desk, optical fiber network and Wi-Fi, coffee machine and water dispensers and air conditioners
  • Multiple public facilities in campus: copying room, Chinese library, English library, laboratory building, multimedia rooms, multimedia assembly hall, and parking lots
  • Public facilities for sports: indoor gymnasium, outdoor athletic field, football court, basketball courts, volleyball court and badminton court


Live in the International Department of SDFZ     

  • Private teacher dormitory
  • Air conditioner and basic household electrical appliances
  • Network and Wi-Fi
  • Teacher canteen



  • Bus stations in five minutes on foot
  • Easy to get taxi, taxi charge ?2.18/km, about $0.36/km
  • Supermarket and shopping center in ten minutes by driving or 4 stops by bus
  • 15 minutes to downtown by car
  • 35 minutes to airport by car
  • 20 minutes to train station by car


Community Entertainment    

  • Over 20 small restaurants around the campus
  • Xinmin Road as the Food Street in 8 minutes by driving
  • Yuelu Mountain
  • Juzizhou Park
  • Juzhou Music Week show
  • Xiangjiang River
  • Music& Firework show every Saturday from May 1st to October 1st
  • Cinemas


About the City

Changsha is a city in southern China and the provincial capital of Hunan province. It has a moist monsoon climate of the subtropical zone. The average annual air temperature is 16.8–17.3 °C. Changsha is a famous historical and cultural city with a history of over 3,000 years. Nowadays, Changsha is an important commercial, manufacturing and transportation center in China. According to 2010 Census, Changsha has 7.04 milloon residents.

Hunan Broadcasting System is China’s largest television after China Central Television. Its headquarters is in Changsha and produces some of the most popular programs in China, including Super Girl. These programs have also brought a new entertainment industry into the city, which includes singing bars, dance clubs, theater shows, as well as related businesses including hair salons, fashion stores, and shops for hot spicy snacks at night (especially during summer). While Changsha has developed into an entertainment hub, the city has also become increasingly westernized and has attracted a growing number of foreigners.