Jiangsu University of Technology ESL Jobs

Jiangsu University of Technology ESL JobsJiangsu University of Technology

Jiangsu University of Technology Jiangsu University of Technology
Jiangsu University of Technology Jiangsu University of Technology


Introduction to Jiangsu University of Technology

Jiangsu University of Technology (website) is located in the national historical and cultural city, an essential modern manufacturing base in the Yangtze River Delta – Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province. Founded in 1984, the university was formerly known as Changzhou Vocational Teachers College, Changzhou Technical Teachers College, Jiangsu Technical Teachers College, and renamed Jiangsu University of Technology in 2012.

The university covers an area of nearly 1,500 acres, with a construction area of over 500,000 square meters, a total value of teaching instruments and equipment of almost 300 million yuan, and almost 1.7 million books in Chinese and foreign languages. There are 19 teaching and research units, such as Mechanical Engineering College, Electrical Information Engineering College, Education College, Vocational Education Department, Resource Recycling Research Institute, etc.; many industry colleges and research institutes, such as: New Energy Automobile College, Medical The School of Equipment, the School of Artificial Intelligence of Shenlan, the School of Art of Liu Haisu, and the School of Language and Culture Communication of Zhao Yuan; and 60 undergraduate majors.

he university has more than 18,000 full-time undergraduate students, more than 300 graduate students, and more than 120 international students. At present, there are nearly 1,400 faculty members and more than 100 well-known experts in academic and industrial fields employed as specialized professors or part-time professors.

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Jiangsu University of Technology


Jiangsu University of Technology ESL Jobs

Job Requirements on Foreign Teachers
1. Has bachelor’s degree or above, major in education, language and normal education or orther related majors, with over 2 years teaching or related working experiences, or holding TEFL/TESOL certificate.
2. Be native speakers, aged no more than 60-year-old with a good health condition. Should have no criminal record.
3. Give no more than 16 periods of lessons a week (45 mins a period) and should not take any part time job out of Jiangsu University of Technology (JSUT).
4. Should respect China’s policies on religion, moral standards and customs, and shall not conducted any activity incompatible with the status of a foreign expert.

Salary and Benefits
1. Monthly salary will be RMB 7,000.
2. JSUT will provide teacher with a set of apartment during the term of employment.
3. For the one-year contrcat, JSUT will reimburse a round trip international ticket for teachers with a reimbursement of RMB 10,000.
4. JSUT will cover insurance for teacher during the term of employment.
5. Teachers enjoy winter vacation (salary paid) as well as legal holidays in China according to the regulations of JSUT.



*To apply for this position fill out the application form and put Jiangsu University of Technology or University Program as your preferred school/program. We will be in touch with qualified candidates in 48 hours.