Xiamen Tong An No.1 High School of Fujian

About Tong An No.1 High School ( website: http://www.tayz.cn) of Fujian was founded in 1924. The campus covers an area of 215 mu, and all facilities and equipment are equipped according to the first-class high school standard, which is quite modern.The school has a language lab, audio-visual reading room, electronic preparation […]

Xiamen Foreign Language School

  Introduction Xiamen Foreign Language School (website: http://www.xmfls.net/), founded in 1981, is now one of the first-rate secondary and high schools in Fujian Province, China. The school now has two campuses and covers an area of 112,707 square meters. The campus consists of 3 classroom buildings, 2 laboratory buildings, a […]

No. 6 High School of Xiamen

About Founded in 1953, Xiamen No. 6 High School (website: http://www.liuzhong.xm.fj.cn/) was acknowledged as the first-class provincial middle school in 1998. At present, it is a large-scale school with the first-rate facilities and a long history. It has been nationally honored as a model in moral and innovative education and awarded […]