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Spring 2020

Zhejiang Financial College Zhejiang Financial College
Zhejiang Financial College Zhejiang Financial College


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Introduction to Zhejiang Financial College

Zhejiang Financial College (ZFC) was established in 1975, which was formerly the national key vocational school – Zhejiang Bank School, affiliated to the People’s Bank of China. In 2006, ZFC was identified as one of the first key constructive colleges by the Ministries of Education and Finance. In June 2017, it was honored as one of the five key provincial vocational colleges by both Department of Education and Finance of Zhejiang Province.

ZFC is located nearby the beautiful Qiantang River and in the Hangzhou Xiasha Higher Education Zone. It covers an area of 612 acres and has 10,131 students and more than 500 faculty members. As a vocational college which is characterized by economy, finance and management, ZFC consists of 14 teaching units including School of Financial Management, Investment & Insurance, Accounting, Management, International Business, Information Technology (Internet Finance), etc. and opens 21 programmes including Financial Management, Insurance, Accounting, International Trade, International Finance, International Business, etc.

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Zhejiang Financial College


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Requirement and Offerings

Job Description
Full-time Czech researcher at Czech Research Center of the college.
1. Job requirements: Doctorate degree in humanities, social sciences or other related majors.
Aged less than 60 and with a good health condition. No criminal record.
Having research experience in related fields.
Teaching elective Czech classes, 2 classes per week.
5. Conduct r
esearch on Czech and Central Eastern Europe in related fields.
Lectures on Czech and Central and Eastern European culture.
Responsible for communication and collaboration with certain universities in Czech.
8. Participating in related meetings.

Wages and Benefits
1. Salary 10000 RMB/month
Free, private on-campus apartment provided.
2200 RMB travel allowance and 8000 RMB flight reimbursement.
Insurance provided
Work visa assistance.

ZFC National Day Festival Video

ZFC Student Life Video

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Zhejiang Financial College Logo


*To apply for this position fill out the application form and put Zhejiang Financial College or University Program as your preferred school/program. You will hear from us in 24-48 hours. (holidays excluded)

1. First round interview contact: Lucy Ji, ISAC HR Manager
2. Second round interview contact: Ms. Sheng, International Office, ZFC
*First round interview is about 10-15 mins, and second round interview is about 15-20 mins

Work Visa
1. ISAC and ZFC will assist you through the work visa application process
2. City Guide: Living in Hangzhou

To apply for this job please visit

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