French Teacher – Francais langue étrangère

Weifang University

Start Feb. 2020


Introduction to Weifang University

Weifang University (website) is a full-time comprehensive university. It is located in Weifang, Shandong, a world-famous kite capital and a national civilized city. The school is a provincial-level famous school.

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Weifang University


French Teaching Position

Job Responsibilities:
1. 18 hours of classes a week.
2. Deliver a lecture to the teachers or students each year.
3. Submit the materials of course progress and students assessment etc.
4. Take part in the activities of the teaching research section.
5. To help organize extracurricular activities.
Application Materials: Copy of passport, photo, copies of degree and diploma, resume (from middle school) and other related documents.

Salary and Benefits:
1. Salary between 5,000 RMB to 8,000 RMB/month;
2. Free furnished housing, free water and 100RMB each month for electricity;
3. ¥1100 RMB traveling fee for each term;
4. Bonuses for excellent teaching;
5. Health insurance in China;
6. Annual holiday of four weeks with payment in winter for one academic year contract.
7. International round air tickets will be reimbursed with satisfactory of one year full time service; one way air ticket will be reimbursed with satisfactory of one academic term service;
8. Access to internet.

1. Enthusiastic about teaching; Good health
2. Age under 60; Native French speaker
3. Have a degree of bachelor or above; have at least two-year French teaching experience or have certificate of teaching French to speaker of other languages

Campus Life Video:

International Student Festival at Weifang U

Weifang University Sports Festival

Weifang City Video



To apply for this position fill out the application form and put Weifang University or University Program as your preferred school/program. You will hear from us in 24-48 hours. (holidays excluded)

1. First round interview contact: Summer Xia (Linkedin), ISAC HR Officer.
2. Second round interview contact: Ms. Zhang, International Center, Weifang University
*First round interview is about 10-15 mins, and second round interview is about 15-20 mins

Work Visa
1. ISAC and WFU will assist you through the Work Visa Application process
2. Life: City Guide: Living in Weifang

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