Tips for Work Visa Application in the U.S.


Documents Needed to Be Hired in China

1. Bachelor’s Degree
2. Teaching Certificate
3. Background Check
4. Full Medical Checkup

All 1, 2, and 3 need to be notarized and authenticated, remember to get Secretary of State Apostille (stamp) before getting Chinese authentication.



1. China consulate can be found only in California, Texas, Illinois and Washington DC. You can take it yourself there if you are living within driving distance, if you are not close or you are living in a different state, then you will need to use an agent to do this for you. (they will charge extra money to do this for you.)
2. There is no mail service available.
3. Consulate working hours are from 8 am to 2 pm to accept papers from public.
4. Each document will cost you: $15 for each notary, $20 for each Secretary of State Apostille, plus $6 service fee, $25 for each Chinese authentication.
5. There is one day express service with higher fee, normal is three business days for delivery pick up.


Going to the Embassy/Consulate

1. You need to take originals to consulate first, to get proof of acceptance on them, and then go for the rest of steps to get the authentication.
2. After receiving all authenticated documents, you need to scan all originals papers including the stamps pages and send back to the recruiter agency and the university.
3. You will need to bring all originals stamped documents with you to China later.
4. They will take all your documents and do the local paper process and translations into Chinese for all documents in order to issue the work permit; this might take up to two weeks.
5. For visa process: after getting your work permit from university via your email, print both English and Chinese paper, and take to consulate again for visa issuing.
6. You will need visa application form $25, one photo passport size, and $140 visa fee. Again, you can receive after three business days from submission.


Plan Your Trip

1. You are ready now to book your ticket yourself; you can choose whatever airline and whatever route you want
2. You need to land in China before the visa expiration date
3. The university will reimburse you at the end of the school year, not before this
4. Winter in China is cold and rainy, so you need to be ready for this weather especially if you are coming from hot or warm place
5. You need to have enough cash to support you until the following month, when you are paid
6. Credit cards
7. Get all your necessary personal items needed for everyday usage (towel, deodorant, shaving cream, toothpaste, travelling adaptor, etc…)

(Draft by Foreign Teacher at Nanchang Institute of Technology. Compiled by Mrs. Fu of NIT International Office)


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