Teaching in a Chinese University

The first destinations of most foreign teachers to China are either training centers or schools, but have you thought about teaching in a public university in China? Teaching in a university can be quite interesting and rewarding. As a university instructor, you would work very fair amount of hours and only or even no office hours, which means you will have plenty of time to see what you would like to see and explore the city you are living in. University English class runs more of an oral class because most students have gained English basics before university and have a good command of English. They would need interaction, correction, and motivation from you.


Salary & Benefits

Base Salary 8,000-10,000RMB after tax plus benefits and allowance

One year contract with fully paid winter holiday

Working Hours
90 minutes per class and 2 classes a day; 4- 5 days per week

A full-furnished private apartment would be provided

Flight Air Allowance
Round-trip tickets for coming/leaving china under contract

With meal allowance for breakfast, lunch and dinner provided at school cafeteria


Native English speaker

Bachelor degree or above

< 60 years old

With TEFL, TESOL or TESL certificate

At least 2 years of teaching experience

More than Teaching

Besides teaching, you will also enjoy your life here. Students are very friendly and will always be willing to play sports with you. You will also be invited to perform at a “party” (concert) on special occasions including numerous festivals. Many universities have English Corner, English Speech Contest, Debate Club, Drama Club where you may be invited to take part in. Basically, you can be involved in bustling college life as much or as little as you wish. In this way you can learn more and dig out more about a diverse and rich campus culture of a Chinese university.