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Introduction to Zunyi Medical University

Zunyi Medical University (ZMU, 遵义医科大学) was founded in 1947. It was the first medical undergraduate college established by the Chinese Communist Party after the victory of the War of Resistance Against Japan. In 1969, in order to support the “third-line” construction, the school was relocated to Zunyi City, Guizhou Province, and renamed Zunyi Medical College. In November 2018, with the approval of the Ministry of Education, the school was renamed Zunyi Medical University. After more than 70 years of construction and development, it has become a multi-disciplinary, multi-level, culturally-intensive, provincial-level university with a strong educational background and a predominantly medical and scientific penetration. It is the National Health Committee (formerly the National Health and Family Planning Commission) Established colleges and universities with Guizhou Provincial People’s Government, the country’s first batch of outstanding doctor education training program projects pilot colleges, passed the Ministry of Education’s undergraduate teaching review and evaluation, oral medicine specialty certification and clinical medicine specialty certification with outstanding results.

Zunyi Medical University is currently composed of 3 campuses in Xinpu Campus of Guizhou Province, Dalian Road Campus and Zhuhai Campus of Guangdong Province. It covers an area of about 2515 acres. Affiliated hospitals, 8 non-directly affiliated hospitals.

Among the teachers of Zunyi Medical University, one person was selected as one of the third batch of National “Ten Thousand People Program” scientific and technological innovation leaders, and 48 experts enjoyed special allowances from the State Council and the provincial government. There are a total of 7 outstanding scientific and technological workers in the country, young and leading scientific and technological innovation talents in the National Innovative Talents Promotion Plan, experts with outstanding contributions from the Ministry of Health, outstanding talents in the new century from the Ministry of Education, members of the Teaching Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education, and core experts from Guizhou Province There are 24 provincial-level teaching teams and provincial and ministerial-level scientific and technological innovation talent teams.

Zunyi Medical University’s undergraduate education covers 6 disciplines including medicine, science, engineering, education, management, and literature, including 30 undergraduate majors. There are 4 national specialty courses, 1 national excellent course, 1 national excellent resource sharing course, 1 national excellent video public course, 3 national virtual simulation experiment projects, 2 national experimental teaching demonstration centers, and national virtual simulation experiments. There is one teaching center and one off-campus practical education base for national college students.

The school began to recruit graduate students in 1955, and was the first batch of authorized master’s degree units in the country after the resumption of the college entrance examination in 1981. Since 1999, he has jointly trained doctoral students with Shanghai Jiaotong University, Chongqing Medical University, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Suzhou University, and Guizhou University. At present, postgraduate education covers 5 disciplines including medicine, science, engineering, law, and management. There are 8 master degree authorization points for first-level disciplines, 59 master degree authorization points for second-level disciplines, and 4 master degree authorization points for professional subjects. In 2015, the International Education College (Guizhou-ASEAN Medical Education College) was established to actively develop education for international students, and its international influence has been continuously improved.

Zunyi Medical University’s clinical medicine discipline entered the top 1% of ESI global for the first time in 2018, which effectively filled the gap in the province’s ESI medical category; it won one second prize of the 2018 National Higher Education Achievement Award for Higher Education, which is nearly five The only university that has won the National Teaching Achievement Award in the past year; in the first-class construction of Guizhou Province, two first-level disciplines of clinical medicine and pharmacy have been selected as the first-class construction disciplines in Guizhou Province, and ranked first and fourth in the province respectively. The outstanding results successfully passed the mid-term performance evaluation of first-class disciplines, and 19 projects were approved by the key construction projects (including cultivation) of first-class universities in Guizhou Province (Phase 1).

Zunyi Medical University has received 343 projects from the National Natural Science Foundation of China and 1 second prize from the National Science and Technology Progress Award; 24 science and technology awards from Guizhou Province, 4 first prizes, 8 second prizes and 12 third prizes, of which From 2015 to 2017, he won the first prize of Guizhou Province for scientific and technological progress for three consecutive years (a total of 11 in the province); three prizes for outstanding achievements in philosophy and social science of Guizhou, including one second prize and two third prizes.

Zunyi Medical University continues to deepen foreign exchanges and cooperation, actively integrates into local development, conducts in-depth cooperation with high-level universities at home and abroad, and promotes collaborative education; actively cooperates with large listed companies in scientific and technological innovation, talent training, and medical and health cooperation to achieve Win-win cooperation between schools and enterprises.

Zunyi Medical University adheres to connotative development and strives for the early establishment of a first-class teaching and research medical university in the west.


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