Zhujiang College of South China Agricultural University

Zhujiang College of South China Agricultural University


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Introduction to Zhujiang College of South China Agricultural University

Zhujiang College of South China Agricultural University (华南农业大学珠江学院, website) is an independent college established with the approval of the Ministry of Education to implement undergraduate education. Positioning of the school: Committed to building an internationally applied university based on the development of Guangdong’s regional economy, focusing on finance and management, featuring modern applied art, and multi-disciplinary coordinated development; it has formed the “four characteristics “: Market-oriented school characteristics, technology and academic emphasis on teaching characteristics, practical education characteristics, international development characteristics.

Since the start of the school, according to Guangdong ’s economic and social development needs for talents and its own school running characteristics, the school has set up 7 secondary colleges including the School of Accounting, the School of Economics and Management, the School of Design, the School of Media, the School of Foreign Languages, the School of Information Engineering, and the School of Humanities. Public Basic Course Teaching Department, Ideological and Political Theory Teaching Department, International Education College and Lifelong Education College; currently has 30 undergraduate majors, and currently has more than 12,000 students.

Zhujiang College of South China Agricultural University is located in Conghua District, a well-known ecological scenic area in Guangzhou. It is close to the north of the street, the Daguang Expressway and the 105 National Road. It is a 45-minute drive to the south of Guangzhou, and the transportation is very convenient. The existing campus covers an area of more than 700 acres, with a building area of 200,000 square meters. The campus is surrounded by mountains and rivers, surrounded by litchi forests, and is an ideal place for studying and studying.

Zhujiang College of South China Agricultural University has perfect teaching buildings, libraries, professional laboratories, standard stadiums and other teaching facilities to provide students with a guarantee of success; a series of strict teaching, living management and security systems have been established for Students provide a good environment for studying and living in peace at school. At present, living facilities such as dormitory (4-6 persons, equipped with air-conditioning and network interface), cafeteria, supermarket, etc. have been completed. The school has multimedia teaching, complete facilities and advanced equipment. The teaching building, administrative building, experimental building, and library have covered wireless networks. The library has a total construction area of 18,300 square meters, a collection of more than 1.2 million volumes, and more than 500 Chinese and foreign newspapers and periodicals.

Zhujiang College of South China Agricultural University aims at cultivating advanced applied talents with professional literacy, modern thinking, international perspectives, and sound personality. The colleges continue to innovatively reform talent training programs in combination with professional characteristics, and have initially formed their own unique characteristics Talent training mode:

Zhujiang College of South China Agricultural University vigorously promotes quality education, closely combines professional theoretical knowledge and practical courses, develops diverse and rich community activities, enriches students ‘second classrooms, and improves students’ comprehensive literacy. In recent years, in various academic, scientific and technological, stylistic and other competitions of college students across the country, they have put on “gold” and “silver”. In 2013, he won the National Freescale Award of the “Freescale Cup”; in 2014, he won the 23rd Times Golden Calf Award, the second prize of the National College Mathematical Modeling Contest National Competition, and the first, second, and third prizes of Guangdong Province. The first prize of the 8th UFIDA National College Student Accounting Informatization Skills Competition National Finals and the Guangdong Division first prize; in 2014, won the third prize of the Guangdong University Student Translation Competition Interpretation Competition; the Xuechuang Cup National College Student Entrepreneurship Comprehensive Simulation Competition Second The third prize in the National Virtual College Student Network Virtual Operation Entrepreneurship Competition in the Challenge Cup; in 2015, our college student Forestry Peng won the national special prize in the MOS competition.

Zhujiang College of South China Agricultural University adheres to the concepts of “life-oriented” and “helping students grow into talents”. The school has established two platforms: the College of Lifelong Education and the College Student Career Development Center (CDC). CDC promotes school-enterprise cooperation and builds employment “highways”. At the same time, it provides whole-course (first-year to fourth-year) career development and career planning counseling to students in the college to help students set goals and career development goals in life.

Zhujiang College of South China Agricultural University relies on the advanced education platform of the College of Lifelong Education to introduce international high-quality education resources, such as Oracle (Oracle) learning center, SAP-ERP special classes, etc., to take advantage of Sino-foreign cooperation in running schools and improve students’ professionalism and professional qualifications And constantly enhance their competitive advantages in employment. In recent years, the overall employment rate of college graduates has reached 99.42%, which is at the forefront of similar institutions.

Zhujiang College of South China Agricultural University has a college of international education, offering “4 + 1” undergraduate and master’s degree programs, ACCA (Chartered Certified Accountant) international certification program, University of Wisconsin (including Madison) undergraduate direct programs, and other overseas education and International certification program, and Canada Overseas Classroom Project added in 2015. At present, there are nearly 80 foreign students graduating from various projects and nearly 200 students studying. In recent years, students of the “4 + 1” program have received post-graduate admission letters from world-renowned universities such as the University of Manchester, Loughborough University, Newcastle University, and Leeds University; the University of Sydney, University of Queensland, and the University of New South Wales;

Zhujiang College of South China Agricultural University has a postgraduate counseling center, which selects first-class teachers inside and outside the school to provide professional and high-quality counselling services for postgraduate students. The school is listed as the first batch of pilot units of the second undergraduate qualification education in Guangdong Province. Students can participate in the South China University of Technology and South China Normal University’s pilot professional study exams. At present, the first batch of students have successfully graduated, and some outstanding students have passed the exam at one time and obtained a degree and a bachelor’s degree certificate from South China University of Technology and South China Normal University.

Zhujiang College of South China Agricultural University has a vocational skills certification training center, allowing students to participate in Oracle (Oracle) international certification, SAP-ERP international certification, teacher certification, accounting qualification, driving license, etc. Training and certification of vocational skills projects recognized by relevant provincial departments and highly practical.


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