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Zhoukou Normal University


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Introduction to Zhoukou Normal University

Zhoukou Normal University (周口师范学院, ZKNU) is an undergraduate university in Henan province, located in the historical and cultural city of Zhoukou.

The university was founded in 1973 and was upgraded to an undergraduate institution in 2002 with the approval of the Ministry of Education. The school now covers an area of more than 1,500 acres, with a building area of 570,000 square meters. The total value of teaching equipment is 320 million yuan. The library has more than 1.7 million books. The wireless network covers the entire campus. There are more than 25,000 full-time students, 1485 faculty members, including more than 420 professors and associate professors, more than 1,100 teachers with doctoral and master’s degrees, more than 100 part-time master’s tutors, outstanding experts in Henan Province, teaching teachers, and academic technology leaders More than 60 people, backbone teachers, outstanding teachers.

Zhoukou Normal University consists of the Faculty of Arts, the Faculty of Political Science and Law, the Faculty of Foreign Languages, the Faculty of Mathematics and Statistics, the Faculty of Physics and Telecommunication Engineering, the Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, the Faculty of Life Science and Agriculture, the Faculty of Computer Science and Technology, the Faculty of Educational Science, the Faculty of Fine Arts, Music and Dance Colleges, Schools of Physical Education, School of Economics and Management, School of Journalism and Media, School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, School of Design, School of Network Engineering, School of Continuing Education, School of Marxism, Department of Public Art and Vocational Skills There are 63 undergraduate majors covering 9 university disciplines including literature, science, engineering, law, history, education, management, economics, and art. It has 6 provincial-level key disciplines, 1 national-level specialty, 9 provincial-level comprehensive reform pilots, 4 provincial-level teaching teams, 19 provincial-level excellent (excellent) courses, and 7 dual-degree education pilot majors; There are 436 on-campus laboratories, training sites and off-site practice bases.

Zhoukou Normal University has four provincial-level platforms including Henan Provincial Teacher Education Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center, Teacher Education Reform and Innovation Experimental Area, Teacher Education Cooperative Development Community Construction Unit, and Primary and Secondary School Subject Education and Teaching Research Base; selected as the national typical experience of innovation and entrepreneurship Established the first provincial-level university science and technology park led by a university in Henan Province. The school’s “3A Fulcrum Chongchuang Space” is a national-level chuangchuang space and a youth “dual innovation” demonstration park in Henan Province; students of normal major for 7 consecutive years He won the first prize of the group in the Henan Province Normal University Graduates’ Teaching Skills Contest. The group scores ranked among the top three in the province for 11 consecutive years. The proportion of graduates admitted to special posts ranks at the forefront of similar universities in Henan Province. In the past 5 years, students have won more than 300 national awards and more than 2,800 provincial awards in national college student art performances, “Challenge Cup”, “Internet +” and “Creation of Youth”; graduate employment competitiveness index It is at the forefront of similar universities in the province.

Zhoukou Normal University has more than 20 provincial key laboratories, provincial humanities and social sciences key research bases, provincial innovative technology teams, and provincial innovation and entrepreneurship platforms; it has signed industry-university-research cooperation agreements with more than 200 enterprises and institutions. Funding for scientific research and income from technology transfer is more than 10 million yuan. In recent years, school teachers have presided over more than 300 national, provincial and ministerial scientific research projects, including 67 national projects. “Journal of Zhoukou Normal University” is a journal included in the “Chinese Core Journal (Selection) Database” and a national excellent social science journal.

Zhoukou Normal University has recruited and trained master’s degree students jointly with 11 universities or research institutes such as Zhengzhou University, the Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and the Wuhan Institute of Physical Education. International contacts, cooperation in running schools or mutual exchanges.

Zhoukou Normal University was successfully selected as one of the National Undergraduate Universities for the Integration of Industry and Education Engineering, Henan Province’s first batch of applied technology-based undergraduate demonstration schools, and a master’s degree authorized construction unit. Advanced units, Henan Province Advanced Party Committee, Henan Civilization Model School, Henan Civilization Unit, Henan Province Health Advanced Unit, Henan Province Advanced Unit for Employment and Entrepreneurship, Henan Higher Education Employment Best Quality Model University and other honorary titles.


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