Zhixing College of Northwest Normal University

Zhixing College of Northwest Normal University


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Introduction to Zhixing College of Northwest Normal University

Zhixing College of Northwest Normal University (西北师范大学知行学院, website) was established in 1999 and was recognized by the Ministry of Education as the first batch of independent colleges in 2004. It is a full-time general college with a new mechanism and mode of operation and an independent legal personality. The college is open for national admissions, and the admissions plan is incorporated into the national general higher education enrollment plan. Students who pass the study period will be awarded a diploma from Zhixing College of Northwest Normal University. Those who meet the requirements for a bachelor’s degree will be awarded a bachelor’s degree certificate from Northwest Normal University.

Zhixing College of Northwest Normal University now has Chinese Language and Literature Department, Foreign Language and Literature Department, Journalism and Media Department, Law Department, Mathematics Department, Computer and Electronic Information Engineering Department, Economic Management Department, Art Department, Education Management Department, Environmental Science and Engineering Departments, 12 departments (departments) including the teaching department of the public course, the teaching and research department of the ideological and political theory course, 8 functional departments and 2 teaching assistant units. Chinese language and literature, journalism, radio and television director, radio and television, English, Spanish, translation, law, mathematics and applied mathematics, applied statistics, electronic information engineering, computer science and technology, Internet of things engineering, information management And information systems, business administration, accounting, human resource management, fine arts, environmental design, visual communication design, product design, animation, advertising, education, psychology, public service management, preschool education, taxation, environmental science With 30 full-time undergraduate majors such as engineering and environmental engineering. In 2018, the college faces 12 provinces (autonomous regions) such as Hebei, Anhui, Jiangxi, Henan, Hubei, Hainan, Sichuan, Shaanxi, Qinghai, Ningxia, Xinjiang, and Gansu, and recruits 2,330 national full-time undergraduates. The college currently has 8,398 undergraduates.

Zhixing College of Northwest Normal University currently has a relatively stable team of more than 170 full-time teachers and more than 450 full-time teachers, including 5 foreign teachers. Among the full-time teachers, 40.7% are professors and associate professors. At the same time, the resource-sharing relationship with Northwest Normal University and the shared faculty have further ensured that the college has a reasonable structure, high quality, and excellent teaching resources. Northwest Normal University has 1272 full-time teachers, 280 professors, and 519 associate professors. There are 123 doctoral supervisors and 898 master supervisors. At present, there are 4 academicians with dual appointments, 2 leaders from the National Ten Thousand Talents Program, 1 national cultural master and “four batches”, 2 special professors from the “Cheung Kong Scholars”, 1 national teaching master, and 2 advanced workers, 1 national outstanding teacher, 5 middle-aged and young experts who have made outstanding contributions to the country, 5 national “Billion Talent Projects”, 12 in-service employees who enjoy special allowances from the State Council, and “High School Young Teacher Award” by the Ministry of Education 3 people, 13 people in the “New Century Excellent Talents Support Plan” of the Ministry of Education, 52 first- and second-level candidates in Gansu Province, 23 candidates in the “Feitian Scholars Special Employment Program” in Gansu Province, and 19 provincial teachers.

Zhixing College of Northwest Normal University has more than 90 computer rooms and various laboratories, which can meet the needs of students’ experiments and training. The college library has more than 580,000 books. The layout of the library is scientific and reasonable, and the reading environment is elegant and comfortable. The college has campus broadband network, foreign language teaching and broadcasting system, college student activity center, gymnastics training room, art exhibition room and other facilities. The area of various sports venues is about 27,000 square meters, which provides students with a variety of cultural and sports activities and extracurricular club activities. A good environment.

The cultural activities of Zhixing College of Northwest Normal University are rich and colorful, and the student society is active and extensive. A series of cultural arts, academic technology, innovation and entrepreneurship activities such as “Spring of Sports”, “Summer Innovation and Entrepreneurship Activities”, “Arts Autumn”, and “Winter Reading Academic Activities”, leading students to further their charismatic personality, professional strength Development in the direction of dynamic and dynamic development of learning, formed a “high-quality, inferiority” of college activities, “characterization and in-depth” of department (department) activities, and “routine and miniaturization” of community activities People, extensive participation, and unique tastes of university student work concepts; “original grass” literary society, speech debate association, college student art troupe and other community activities are rich and extensive.

Zhixing College of Northwest Normal University students in the National University Student Electronic Design Competition, National Information Technology Application Level Competition, Chinese University Student Computer Design Competition, Gansu Jincheng College Debate Competition, National University Advertising Art Competition, Gansu University Students Art Exhibition, Gansu University Students ” The “Innovation Cup” computer application ability competition, the “Challenge Cup” national college student extracurricular academic science and technology works competition, college students’ manual accounting branch job skills competition, college students’ literature and art works competition, college students’ ERP application ability competition, etc. As a result, the college won a number of awards, such as the “Excellent Organization Award” and “Spiritual Civilization Unit”. In 2017, he won 3 national third prizes, 2 first prizes in the Northwest Division, 1 second prize, and 11 third prizes in the 10th China University Student Computer Design Competition; in the 7th National (Business) Secretary Won 2 individual first prizes, 1 group second prize, 1 group third prize in the vocational skills competition; 2 first prizes in the 9th College Advertising Art Design Competition; 5th University of Gansu Province Won 2 group prizes, 4 third prizes, 34 individual first prizes, 35 second prizes, and 39 third prizes in art performances; won the third ERP application ability competition for college students in Gansu Province One individual third prize; won the first prize, five second prizes, 19 third prizes, etc. in the 11th “Challenge Cup” Gansu province university extracurricular academic science and technology works competition.


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