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Introduction to Zhenjiang College

Zhenjiang College (镇江市高等专科学校, website) is a comprehensive publicly-run college established with the approval of the Ministry of Education in 1992. It is an excellent school for the evaluation of personnel training in the Ministry of Education and an excellent school for the new round of evaluation of talent training in higher vocational colleges in Jiangsu Province. By 1912, the regular girls’ school established by Mr. Lu Fengzi, a pioneer of vocational education in China, a famous master of Chinese painting, and an educator, had a century-old school history.

Zhenjiang College is located in Zhenjiang City, Jiangsu Province, a famous historical and cultural city. It is located on the southern foot of the beautiful Shili Changshan. The school inherits Mr. Lv Fengzi’s education philosophy of “love and admire beauty”, insists on the development of students as the center, highlights the service of family, and comprehensively cares for the students. It has formed the school characteristics of “humanistic literacy + professional ability = sustainable development quality”, and culture educates people Featured Brands Won the Outstanding Achievement Award of College Cultural Construction of the Ministry of Education.

Zhenjiang College closely follows the characteristics of running higher vocational schools and the needs of local economic and social development, conscientiously implements the concept of “combination of work and learning” in talent training, adheres to the “professionalism” and “higher education” in talent training, and establishes the “Flat” eight modules ( Module “(referred to as 4F8M) higher vocational curriculum model, solidly promote the organic docking of academic credentials and vocational qualifications, organic integration of vocational ability and basic quality ability, to cultivate local high-quality application-oriented talents for economic and social construction.

The school covers an area of more than 1,000 acres. The total value of existing teaching equipment is nearly 150 million yuan. There are 12 secondary colleges (departments) and 48 majors. The school is a national patent navigation pilot project (Jiangsu) research base, a teacher training base for the national preschool education reform and development demonstration area, a national “industrial analysis and inspection training base”, a deputy director unit of the national “dual certificate system” work research society, Member unit of the Vice Chairman of China Vocational and Technical Education magazine council. Established 3 key majors to improve the professional service industry capacity supported by the central government, 3 key majors (groups) in the 12th Five-Year Plan period, 3 major high-level backbone majors, 2 provincial brand specialty majors, and 10 provincial quality courses , Published 48 engineering-integrated teaching materials, 11 provincial key (excellent) teaching materials; 53 on-campus training bases, 134 on-campus training laboratories such as numerical control, automation systems, embedded systems, and 146 off-campus training practice bases Each. The school library has more than 700,000 paper books and more than 3 million electronic books. The school has research institutes such as the Institute for Comprehensive Quality Education, the Lu Fengzi Institute of Cultural Education Thought, the Shen Kuo Research Institute, and the Pearl S. Buck Research Institute, and has established close relationships with schools such as the Korean Shepherd University, the University of the West of England, and the Taiwan University of Science and Technology. Partnership.

The school currently has more than 600 in-service faculty members, of which 33 are high and 262 are high. The proportion of teachers above the associate high ranks among the top universities in the province. At present, there are 1 expert enjoying special allowances from the State Council, 1 second-level training target of the “333 Project” and 10 third-level training targets, 2 middle-aged and young experts with outstanding contributions from the province and the city, and the provincial “six talents peak” is high. There are 2 levels of talent team, nearly 40 academic leaders of provincial “blue and blue project” academic leaders, national and provincial outstanding young backbone teachers and outstanding educators.

In the past 5 years, the school has undertaken 42 scientific research projects at or above the provincial and ministerial levels, including 2 projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, 3 projects of the China Postdoctoral Science Foundation, 2 projects of the Humanities and Social Sciences Research Fund of the Ministry of Education, and 1 project of the Provincial Natural Science Foundation. 2. 2 science and technology plan projects of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, 3 projects of natural science foundations of provincial universities, 6 projects of provincial social science foundations, provincial social science applied research excellent engineering projects, 1 project of provincial postdoctoral science foundation projects, and 18 prizes of scientific research achievements above the provincial level Undertook 108 horizontal cooperation projects between local governments and enterprises; provided 63 policy advisory reports to ministries, commissions, municipalities, counties and districts; authorized 441 patents for research and development achievements of enterprises, including 80 invention patents; published a high level There are 199 papers and core periodical papers, of which 72 are included in SCI, EI, SSCI, CSSCI and so on. “Journal of Zhenjiang College” was rated as a national excellent university social science journal and a Chinese university excellent scientific journal.


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