Zhengzhou University of Science and Technology

Zhengzhou University of Science and Technology


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Introduction to Zhengzhou University of Science and Technology

Zhengzhou University of Science and Technology (郑州科技学院, website) was founded in 1988, implemented a college degree education in 2001, and was upgraded to an ordinary undergraduate college in 2008. In 2015, it accepted and successfully passed the qualification assessment of undergraduate teaching by the Ministry of Education. Thirty years since its establishment, it has cultivated and transported 120,000 high-quality application-oriented innovative talents for the society.

Zhengzhou University of Science and Technology includes mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, information engineering, civil engineering, vehicle and transportation engineering, food science and engineering, business administration, finance, foreign languages, arts, music and dance, sports, Marxism, and basic departments. 15 secondary colleges (departments). The school insists on putting its own development into the consideration of local economic and social development. In accordance with the principles of “strengthening advantages, highlighting features, promoting demonstration, and promoting overall”, it rationally lays out professional structures, and has formed engineering, economics, management, art, The school-run pattern of coordinated development of literature, education, and other disciplines, and strive to build high-level application-oriented private universities.

Zhengzhou University of Science and Technology has more than 30,000 students, a total construction area of more than 600,000 square meters, nearly 3 million volumes of paper books, and more than 700,000 e-books. The school’s scientific research achievements are fruitful, and scientific and technological innovation is fruitful. Focusing on the practice of cultivating application-oriented innovative compound talents, it has continuously increased the investment in the construction of the practice platform, and established four centers consisting of an experimental center, an engineering training center, a science and education center, and a public innovation center. Big Practice Platform. At present, the school has more than 170 laboratories of various types and 12 training workshops.

Zhengzhou University of Science and Technology establishes cooperative relationships with local governments such as Zhengzhou Airport Port District, Zhengzhou Economic Development Zone, and other departments such as the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Zhengzhou City in personnel training and scientific research services. Established internship bases in more than 160 well-known companies including Yutong Bus, Sanquan Food, Zoomlion, etc., and opened 57 order training classes such as Zoomlion Class, Saiten Engineer Class, and JAVA / PHP Engineer. , Built a collaborative education model of “enterprise courses into campus” and “enterprise lecturers into the classroom”. The school was rated as “Zhengzhou Vocational Education School-Enterprise Cooperative School Demonstration Unit”.

“People’s Daily”, “Guangming Daily”, “China Youth Daily”, “China Education Daily”, “Henan Daily”, the Ministry of Education portal website, People’s Daily, China Website and other media and Henan TV and other media comprehensively carried out school education and teaching Report. Zhengzhou University of Science and Technology has successively won “National Student Employment Demonstration Private Colleges and Universities”, “China’s Top Ten Private Employment Universities”, “Henan Provincial Advanced Graduate Employment Work Collective” “Henan Provincial Graduate Employment Evaluation Excellent Unit” “China Excellent private colleges and universities, “National Advanced Unit of Aesthetic Education”, “Henan Provincial Excellent Private School”, “Henan Provincial Demonstration School by Law” and other honorary titles. 2017-2018 ranked third in the ranking of Chinese private universities released by the think tanks of universities for two consecutive years.


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