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Zhengzhou Tourism College

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Introduction to Zhengzhou Tourism College

Zhengzhou Tourism College (郑州旅游职业学院, website), formerly known as Zhengzhou Tourism School, was founded in 1985 and is affiliated to the People’s Government of Zhengzhou City. It was a public institution of higher learning approved by the People’s Government of Henan Province in May 2004 and registered with the Ministry of Education.

Zhengzhou Tourism College covers an area of 1251 acres, with a total construction area of 570,000 square meters, of which the new campus covers an area of 1036 acres and a construction area of nearly 430,000 square meters. There are 14,284 full-time college students. There are 8 departments, 3 and 1 college of continuing education. Established 40 higher vocational majors and 10 five-year college majors, including 2 key majors supported by the central government, 2 demonstration majors in tourism in the national vocational colleges, 4 key majors in the vocational education innovation development action plan of the Ministry of Education, 1 productive training base, 1 “dual teacher” teacher training and training base, 6 provincial professional comprehensive reform pilots, 4 provincial specialty specialties, 1 provincial excellent teaching team, and provincial excellent online open courses Two, three provincial demonstration training bases, eight municipal key majors, eight demonstration majors, five municipal outstanding teaching teams, seven municipal quality resource sharing courses, and two municipal key laboratories. It is a school under the instruction of the National Tourism Management Committee of the Tourism Management Industry.

Zhengzhou Tourism College currently has 756 faculty members. Among them, 15 are professors, 1 is a researcher, 121 are associate professors or above, 18 are doctors and doctors, and 448 are masters. 1 State Council government subsidy recipient, 1 Henan academic and technical leader, 4 national industry masters, 6 provincial vocational education experts, 1 provincial teaching master, 1 provincial academic technology leader, 13 provincial backbones There are 3 teachers, 4 municipal vocational education experts, 4 professional and technical top talents, 4 municipal academic and technical leaders, and 8 high-level talents specially hired by local universities. There are more than 400 dual-teacher teachers. At the same time, a number of industry experts and front-line technical experts are employed as part-time teachers.

Zhengzhou Tourism College has won one second prize for national teaching achievements, one special prize for provincial teaching achievements, two first prizes, and one second prize. In the past three years, 27 National Tourism Administration “Ten Thousand Tourism Talent Program” projects have been completed, 23 provincial and ministerial projects, 117 provincial and departmental projects have been completed, and 574 academic research papers have been published, of which 202 were core articles, and books and teaching materials 22. There are three research centers of Henan Tourism Research Institute and higher vocational education, tourism planning, and hotel consulting.

Zhengzhou Tourism College has more than 930,000 paper books. There are 5,000 audiovisual materials, 1.15 million electronic books, 800 newspapers and periodicals, and 6 electronic resource databases. There are 146 training rooms on campus, and 27 training centers and 362 training rooms will be completed in 2020 to achieve “teaching, training, training, museums, exhibitions, exchanges, research and development, production, sales, tourism, entrepreneurship, and services” Four in one function.

Zhengzhou Tourism College adheres to the strategy of open schools. In-depth cooperation with high-end companies such as Diaoyutai State Guesthouse, Great Hall of the People, Disney, IHG Intercontinental Hotel Group, Marriott International Hotel Group, Hilton Hotel Group, China International Travel Service, Kanghui International Travel Service Co., Ltd., and Cheng Yilong, etc. 142. Establish cooperative school-running relations with universities in Japan, South Korea, the United States, Germany, Austria and Taiwan. 200 internships, corporate internships, and employment students each year at Caribbean overseas cruise companies, Singapore Star Dream, Star Cruises, Disney World in the United States, South Korea ’s Huyuan University, South Korea ’s Jeju Tourist University, Taiwan ’s Kaohsiung Hospitality University, and Japan ’s Hotel Association. I

In the past three years, the college has won 10 first prizes and 10 second prizes in the National Vocational College Skills Competition and National Tourism College Service Skills Competition, and won 11 first prizes and 6 second prizes in provincial competitions. In recent years, the employment rate of school graduates has remained above 96%, and the school has been identified as a designated candidate by Beijing Diaoyutai State Guesthouse, the Great Hall of the People, and the Central Security Bureau.

Zhengzhou Tourism College is the vice president unit of the Education Branch of the China Tourism Association, the five-star alliance unit of the National Tourism Education, and the chairman unit of the Higher Vocational Education Group of Henan Province. Base, national sports and cultural “one school, one product” demonstration base, provincial vocational education brand demonstration colleges, provincial high-quality colleges and vocational colleges, Henan’s top ten model universities for employment competitiveness, Henan’s most brand influential model Colleges, Henan province vocational education teacher training and training bases, provincial civilized units, Henan Civilized Schools, Henan Province “rule by law demonstration school” and other titles, have been hailed as the cradle of Henan tourism talents.


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