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Introduction to Zhengzhou Business University

Zhengzhou Business University (郑州商学院, website) was formerly known as the Success College of Henan University of Economics and Law; in March 2012, it was transferred to an independent undergraduate college-Zhengzhou Chenggong University of Finance and Economics; in November 2018, it was renamed Zhengzhou Business College. The school is located in Gongyi City, Henan Province. In recent years, the school has adhered to the road of connotative development, and strives to build the school into a first-class, well-known, and well-understood application-oriented college in the province.

Zhengzhou Business University currently has the School of Business Administration, the School of Accounting, the School of Finance and Trade, the School of Foreign Languages, the School of Information and Mechanical Engineering, the School of Art, the School of Literature and Journalism, the School of Architectural Engineering, the Center for General Education, the School of Marxism, and the Ministry of Sports Waiting for 11 teaching units, 58 college specialties. Among them, the business administration discipline is a provincial key discipline; the business administration (ERP) major is a provincial specialty specialty construction site; the three majors of computer science and technology, financial management, and accounting are the provincial comprehensive reform pilot majors; business administration 11 majors, including accounting, financial management, computer science and technology, animation, international economics and trade, Chinese language and literature, business English, environmental design, auditing, and English, are the professional construction sites for provincial-level private universities; The three majors of trade, accounting, computer science and technology are dual bachelor degrees. The school’s “ERP Comprehensive Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center” is an experimental teaching demonstration center for higher education in Henan Province.

Zhengzhou Business University’s teaching team is composed of many professors, doctors and other senior talents. In addition, the school made full use of social resources to build a team of “out-of-school teacher resources” and “dual-faculty and dual-energy” teachers, and hired a number of experts with outstanding contributions from the country, experts who enjoy special government allowances from the State Council, excellent provincial management experts, and provincial level Academic technology leaders, well-known scholars at home and abroad, and heads of large enterprises serve as visiting professors, specially-appointed professors, and professional construction consultants. Among the school’s existing full-time teachers, teachers with senior professional titles account for 37.47%, teachers with master’s and doctoral degrees account for 79.92%, and dual-teacher teachers account for 30.69%. Among them, there are 1 provincial-level outstanding teacher, 5 provincial-level civilized teachers, 8 academic and technological leaders of Henan Provincial Department of Education, and 7 young provincial backbone teachers.

The campus of Zhengzhou Business University covers an area of more than 2,300 acres. It has a combination of Chinese and Western, high-standard accounting building, foreign language building, information building, art building, construction engineering building, experimental building, administrative building, library, gym, student dormitory, students Restaurant, student affairs center, comprehensive service center, town hall, cafe, gym, etc. Built a multifunctional electronic reading room, E-zone and campus network system. The school has 159 experimental training rooms and internship sites in the school, including three-dimensional dynamic capture laboratories, simultaneous interpretation laboratories, and 3D tourism simulation laboratories that are suitable for teaching. In recent years, the school has established six experimental centers including economic management experimental center, business foreign language experimental center, commercial art experimental center, education and new media experimental center, information and electromechanical engineering experimental center, and construction engineering experimental center. There is one teaching demonstration center, and 194 out-of-school practice training bases have been established with enterprises and institutions and the industry.

In the past three years, our teachers have been approved 920 projects above the department level, 468 awards above the department level, published 354 core papers, and 106 horizontal scientific research projects. The project of “70 Years of New China (1949-2019) Research on the Evolution, Characteristics and Implementation Strategies of Labor Education in Colleges and Universities in China” approved by our school was approved for the National Education Science “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” project, achieving zero breakthrough. The comprehensive strength of the school’s scientific research work is at the forefront of private universities in the province.

Zhengzhou Business University established the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center, established a three-in-one dual-innovation organization, built a three-in-one dual-innovation faculty team, established a three-in-one dual-innovation curriculum system, and created a three-in-one dual-innovation training system Improve the three-in-one dual-creation practice platform. Cultivate college students’ awareness of innovation and entrepreneurship, and improve their ability to innovate and entrepreneurship. In 2017, the school creative space was named Henan Province Creative Space, Henan University Creative Space. The school has successively won honors such as the Henan Provincial University Student Entrepreneurship Education Demonstration School and Henan Higher Education Graduates’ Excellent Work Unit.

Zhengzhou Business University has established cooperative relations with 8 universities in the UK, South Korea, Malaysia, Spain and other countries; actively carried out overseas exchange studies, internships and employment projects, hosted 8 cross-strait academic exchange conferences, and organized “Taiwan Youth Central Plains” “Cultural Journey”, regularly selected outstanding students to study in Taiwan. In recent years, a total of 244 students and 56 teachers have gone abroad to communicate.

In recent years, the university’s school quality, school level and good school style have been widely recognized and praised by higher education administrative departments and all sectors of society. Zhengzhou Business University has successively won many provincial and higher honors, including the most undergraduate colleges in China with running characteristics, the National Demonstration School of Educational Reform and Innovation, the Advanced Collective of Higher Education and Teaching in Henan Province, and the Excellent Unit for Graduate Employment in Henan Higher Education Institutions. In 2012, 2014, 2016, 2017, and 2018, it was named “Henan Outstanding Private School” five times by the Provincial Department of Education. People’s Daily, Xinhua News Agency, Guangming Daily, China Youth Daily, China Education Daily, Henan Daily, People’s Daily, Xinhua Daily and other media have repeatedly reported the school’s school running characteristics and school experience.

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