Zhejiang Vocational Academy of Art

Zhejiang Vocational Academy of Art

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Introduction to Zhejiang Vocational Academy of Art

Zhejiang Vocational Academy of Art (浙江艺术职业学院, website) is located in Binjiang Higher Education Park on the south bank of Qiantang River in Hangzhou. In 1999, with the approval of the People’s Government of Zhejiang Province, the former Zhejiang Art School and Zhejiang Film School were merged and established. In 2002, the school was formally established. The school has a history of more than 60 years and has been rated as a national key art school five times. In 2007, it passed the evaluation of the talents training level of higher vocational colleges by the Ministry of Education; in 2012, it was awarded the “Zhejiang Demonstrative Higher Vocational College”; in 2015, it was approved to be added to the “Zhejiang Public Cultural Management College” Brand, was selected in Zhejiang Higher Vocational Quality Construction School in 2017.

Zhejiang Vocational Academy of Art is the national grassroots cultural team training base, the Zhejiang training base of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the national non-hereditary population training and training base, the modern apprenticeship pilot unit of the Ministry of Education, and the intangible cultural heritage research and transmission in Zhejiang Province. Base, Zhejiang Cultural Construction Demonstration Site, Zhejiang Civilized Unit. At the same time, he is the vice chairman of the Culture and Art Vocational Education Teaching Steering Committee of the Ministry of Culture and the vice president unit of the Chinese Art Vocational Education Association.

Zhejiang Vocational Academy of Art covers an area of more than 230 acres, with a construction area of more than 110,000 square meters. There are more than 4,100 full-time students and more than 430 teaching and administrative staff. There are 6 departments of drama, music, dance, fine arts, film and television technology, cultural management, and Zhejiang Art School (the middle school attached to the college), basic teaching department (public sports department), social science department, teaching practice department and continuing education college. Established 27 majors, including 4 majors in theatrical performance, music performance, dance performance, film and television multimedia technology are listed as the “13th Five-Year Plan” advantage professional construction projects in the province’s universities, drama and film performance, dance director, audiovisual engineering technology, stage Five majors in art design and production, restoration and protection of cultural relics were listed as “13th Five-Year Plan” speciality construction projects in colleges and universities in the province, and two majors in stage art design and production, theater, film and television performance were listed as national cultural and art vocational education and teaching guidance. The committee’s backbone professional construction project for higher art vocational colleges. In the accreditation results of the Higher Vocational Education Innovation and Development Action Plan announced by the Ministry of Education, 9 projects in 3 major categories of schools were identified as national-level projects, of which 5 key majors (opera performance, music performance, dance performance, film and television multimedia technology, drama Film and TV performances), 3 productive training bases (a comprehensive training base for drama, film and stage art, a non-heritage culture training base, a production training base for stage art design), and a “dual teacher” training base for teachers 1 (Cultural Relics Restoration and Protection “Double Teachers” Teacher Training and Training Base).

The Zhejiang Vocational Academy of Art focuses on strengthening the construction of the teaching staff. From the technical secondary school to the higher vocational school for more than 60 years, the school has a collection of famous teachers. There are Peking opera artist Gai Tian, Yue opera artist Yao Shuijuan, Kun opera performance artist Zhou Chuanying, Wang Chuanxi, and bamboo flute masters. Zhao Songting, music educator Zhou Dafeng, etc. A large number of outstanding alumni have emerged, such as Mao Weitao, vice chairman of the Chinese Dramatists Association, head of Zhejiang Xiaobaihuayue Troupe, drama director Yang Xiaoqing, CCTV host Dong Qing, film and television actor Zhou Xun, dancer Shan Yan, national instrumentalists Zhan Yongming, Wu Man, Graphic designer Mao Geping is equal.

Zhejiang Vocational Academy of Art actively serves the development of local culture. Under the guidance and support of higher authorities such as the Ministry of Culture and the Provincial Department of Culture, the school has long and extensively developed a variety of cultures with diverse levels and rich contents for the country and the province. The artistic training work has formed the Zhejiang brand of social training; Zhejiang Public Cultural Management College implements public cultural service and management personnel education on the basis of integrating teaching resources such as performing arts, visual arts and heritage protection, and high-quality resources of industry companies And cultural team training “two-wheel drive”.

Zhejiang Vocational Academy of Art adhering to the concept of “big cultural vision, distinctive school running” and the spirit of “truth-seeking, beautiful and fine-art cultivation”, adhere to the development path of connotation, and take the mission of “cultivating new talents at the source” as the mission to accelerate the construction of education and teaching quality The first-rate higher art academy with high education, active artistic creation, remarkable teaching and scientific research results, and distinctive school running characteristics provides talent support for the construction of cultural Zhejiang and poetry and painting Zhejiang.


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