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Zhejiang University of Technology is a comprehensive key university of Zhejiang Province, co-established by the Zhejiang Provincial government and the Ministry of Education. It offers programs in a variety of subjects including engineering, science, liberal arts, law, economics, pharmaceuitics, management, education, and so on.

ZJUT is located in Hangzhou, a well-known historical and cultural city as well as a world-famous place of interest. It consists of three campuses, Chaohui, Pingfeng and Zhijiang, covering a total area of 213 hectares. There are over 3,000 staff in this environmental elegantly university which is an ideal place for study and work. It has 27 colleges and 1 departments, including 70 undergraduate programs, 116 master’s degree programs and 35 doctor’s degree programs. Besides, it is authorized to recruit international students as well as students from Hongkong, Macao and Taiwan。The value of ZJUT’s fixed assets totals about RMB3.983 billion. The library has an area of more than 60,000 square meters, containing over 10,520,000 books, 53,768 of which are Chinese and foreign periodicals.

ZJUT equips itself with an excellent team of faculties. Among its 3,000 staff, there are 487 professors,946 associate professors and over 1402 teachers with doctor’s degree. ZJUT has three academician of CAE (Chinese Academy of Engineering), three academicians of CAE and CAS (Chinese Academy of Sciences) whom ZJUT shares with other institutions, 43 teachers titled with “National Excellent Teacher” and 47 teachers with “Provincial Excellent Teacher”. At present, there are about 32,000 full-time students,19,159 graduate students including 8,883 postgraduate students and 780 PhD candidates and over 2400 international students.

Having established interscholastic cooperative relationship with about 80 colleges and universities from America, England, France, German, Japan, Belgium, Australia, Russia, Korea, the Netherlands, Sweden, Austria, etc, and more than 10 colleges and universities from Hong Kong ,Macao and Taiwan, ZJUT becomes more and more active in external exchange, and makes great progress in many aspects, such as dual culture of students, academic exchange between teachers and scientific research, running schools with foreign countries, introduction of overseas intelligence, education of overseas students, teaching Chinese as foreign language, etc. So far, ZJUT has been entitled to recruit overseas students with Chinese government scholarship, CIS scholarship and scholarship of Zhejiang government, from about 100 countries and areas, coming to study Chinese language and culture, undergraduate courses and master courses.


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About Hangzhou

Hangzhou (City Panorama) is one of the most beautiful and most visited cities in China. Though it has been through many recent economic and technological developments, it still remains its historic beauty and cultural heritage. The city’s West Lake, a UNESCO World Heritage Cultural Site, attracts tourists from both home and abroad all year round. Twinned with nearly 20 cities around the world, Hangzhou is one of the most modern and vibrant cities to live in.


With a number of means of transport at your disposal, getting around the city is super easy. Do not feel like taking the metro to visit the scenery spots in the city? Then you can always bike there. Want to tour around a nearby city on weekends? Train rides are probably what you’d be looking for. Cities of Shanghai, Nanjing and Suzhou are all just within hours’ distance by train or car.

Arts & culture

Hangzhou’s cultural richness constantly surprises you. Three of China’s most important museums, China National Silk Museum, China National Tea Museum, Zhejiang Provincial Museum are all located in Hangzhou. If you are interested in opera, then you’ve come to the right place for there are lots of theaters in Hangzhou giving performance of opera shows!


Hangzhou is a culinary paradise with a large number of delicious dishes. Hangzhou’s local cuisine enjoys a nation-wide reputation and dishes prepared in its style are reputed to be “fresh, tender, soft and smooth, with a mellow fragrance”. Some of the better-known examples of Hangzhou’s regional cuisine are: West Lake Fish in Sweet and Sour Sauce, Dongpo Pork, Beggar’s Chicken, Fried Shrimps with Longjing Tea, and Hangzhou Soy-sauce Duck. Sounds interesting? Behind these dishes, there always seems to be a beautiful story linked with a historical figure in Hangzhou. In addition to the traditional Hangzhou food or Chinese cuisine, plenty of restaurants offer south-eastern or western-style food. In Hangzhou, you never have to worry about going hungry.


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