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Introduction to Zhejiang Institute of Mechanical Electrical and Engineering

Zhejiang Institute of Mechanical Electrical and Engineering (ZIME, website) is a public higher vocational college that cultivates high-quality technical and technical talents. The institute has become an important base for the cultivation of talents in advanced manufacturing in Zhejiang Province after more than 60 years of construction and development.

The institute has two campuses in Binjiang and Chang’an, covering an area of 918 acres and a building area of 327,000 square meters. There are 10,991 students and more than 600 faculty members, including more than 360 master’s and doctoral students.

The institute has teaching departments such as mechanical technology department, electrical and electronic technology department, material technology department, transportation technology department, information technology department, economic and trade management department, design and art department, and international education department; opening machinery manufacturing and automation, mold design and manufacturing 23 majors such as CNC technology, mechatronics technology and electrical automation technology.

The institute is the most comprehensive teacher training base in the province, and the most comprehensive training unit in the power industry licensing training program. In 2016, it was approved as a national high-skilled personnel training base. The institute has a national vocational skill appraisal institute, which not only carries out vocational training and appraisal of electrician and lathe, but also carries out teachers’ teaching ability, Siemens numerical control system, electromechanical equipment installation and maintenance, electrical operation and control, numerical control technology, psychological counselor, etc. In the past five years, 77,928 people have been trained and 60,606 person-times have been appraised; more than 270 items have been held in the World Skills Competition Invitational Tournament, National and Provincial Levels of Skills Competition.

Zhejiang Institute of Mechanical Electrical and Engineering takes the training of innovative talents as the task, insists on strengthening quality education, and creates a cultural education mode. Based in Hangzhou, facing Zhejiang, and radiating from the Yangtze River Delta, the institute is advancing to the high-level higher vocational colleges with open, innovative and internationalized “mehanical characteristics”, leading with international influence.

Zhejiang Changzheng Vocational and Technical College is a higher vocational and technical college. The college is located in the Xiaoheshan Higher Education Park in Xihu District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province. It has a profound cultural heritage, abundant e-commerce resources, and perfect public facilities. It has a beautiful natural environment, rich teaching resources and convenient transportation condition.

International Education Department

The International Education Department is a new department that has the dual functions of administration and teaching to further accelerate the internationalization of school education, promote international education exchanges and cooperation. In 2013 and 2016, the department was awarded the provincial and foreign cooperation demonstration specialty twice. In 2016, it won the first prize of the Zhejiang Provincial Teaching Project, and in 2017, it was awarded the Zhejiang Provincial Professional Title.

The Department of International Education is mainly responsible for the teaching management of Chinese-foreign cooperation related majors, the academic qualifications and language training of foreign students, and the communication, coordination and management of international exchange programs for teachers and students. Major partner institutions include SUNY Cobleskill, State University of New York, Boxhill Institute, South Metropolitan TAFE, and Swinburne Australia Swinburne University of Technology, Australia’s Deakin University, Australia’s Curtin University of Technology.

Up to now, the International Education Department currently has 75 international students and has trained more than 150 international students. All Chinese-foreign cooperative education programs have successfully trained outstanding graduates of more than 1,500 people. The Department of International Education currently enrolls students in the Sino-US cooperation in Internet of Things technology, China-Australia cooperation in electromechanical integration technology, and China-Australia cooperation in international trade practice (cross-border e-commerce direction).

The Department of International Education has a multicultural integration of 24 Chinese teachers and 15 foreign teachers. We strive to cultivate courageous communication, active learning, active search for problems, strong sense of teamwork, independent problem solving, and internationalization with vision of the students.


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city iconAbout Hangzhou

Hangzhou is the provincial capital of Zhejiang Province, a strong economical province in China. It is the transportation hub, the political, economic, cultural and financial center of Zhejiang Province.

At the end of 2018, the Hangzhou metropolitan area has an area of 53,239 square kilometers and a population of 25.698 million. According to the “China Metropolitan Area Evaluation Index” issued by Shanghai Jiaotong University, Hangzhou is the fourth largest metropolitan area in China after Shanghai, Guangzhou and Beijing. In 2015, Hangzhou’s economic aggregate ranked 10th in mainland China, and was rated as the best commercial city in mainland China by Forbes. As the headquarters of Alibaba and other Internet industry companies, the city has a strong population appeal to Internet industry personnel.

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