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Introduction to Zhejiang Fashion Institute of Technology

Zhejiang Fashion Institute of Technology (浙江纺织服装职业技术学院, website) is a public full-time higher vocational college hosted by the Ningbo Municipal Government. It is a high-quality and high-quality school construction unit in Zhejiang Province, a university construction unit with international education characteristics, and is the first batch of national educational informatization pilot units. The first digital campus demonstration schools.

Zhejiang Fashion Institute of Technology, formerly known as Zhejiang Light Textile Vocational Technical College and Ningbo Garment Vocational Technical College, was merged to establish Zhejiang Textile and Garment Vocational Technical College in 2004 with the approval of the Zhejiang People’s Government. The school is located in Ningbo North Higher Education Park, covering an area of ??more than 600 acres. It currently has more than 10,000 students and more than 700 faculty members. The school consists of 9 secondary colleges, including the Textile College, Fashion College, China-UK Fashion Design Institute / International College, Art and Design College, Youngor Business School / Business School, etc .; there are 35 majors, including 2 majors in central financial support. There are 10 provincial-level majors and characteristic majors, and 4 provincial-level demonstration majors.

Zhejiang Fashion Institute of Technology revolves around fashion “textile and clothing +”, and the school builds and continuously improves the “integrated and diverse” professional system. The school leads the construction of the National Vocational Education Textile Design Specialty Teaching Resource Bank Project, creating a national textile and apparel specialty highland. Proactively connect industrial transformation and upgrading, proactively connect with the fashion industry, proactively connect with the economic needs of new technologies, new industries, new formats, and new business models, and actively respond to the characteristics of the textile and apparel industry in the direction of technological innovation, green environmental protection, and fashion creativity, and digital, intelligent The requirements of the direction of development of flexibility and flexibility, in accordance with the new expectations of the people for a better life and the new trend of local economic development, to improve the specialty with advantages and strengths, actively expand new growth points in professional development, and promote the coordinated development of various specialties.

The Zhejiang Fashion Institute of Technology strives to cultivate a group of “four double” teachers with dual leaders in party building and business, dual influencers in industry and education, dual teachers in technology and teaching, and international bilingual teachers. Hire a group of high-level enterprise engineers, management experts and skilled craftsmen to carry out dual-teacher lectures, introduce the establishment of an industrial enterprise technical skills master studio, and build a deep cooperation mechanism between professional teachers and enterprise teachers.

Zhejiang Fashion Institute of Technology was awarded the “National Model College for Talent Development in the Textile Industry” and the first batch of “National Model College for Cross-border E-commerce Professional Talent Training”. The school and province’s modern apprenticeship talent training pilot project has achieved initial results; the “Excellent Technician” training project, the “Evaluation Exhibition Competition” academic evaluation reform, and the “craftsmanship” classroom teaching innovation action plan have been continuously promoted.

Zhejiang Fashion Institute of Technology implemented the strategy of “two cooperations and three services”. Comprehensively deepen school-enterprise (local) cooperation and international cooperation; serve major national strategies; serve regional economic development and industrial transformation and upgrading;

Zhejiang Fashion Institute of Technology owns the Ningbo New Fabric R & D and Application Collaborative Innovation Center, the Key Laboratory of Advanced Textile Technology and Garment CAD, and the Ningbo Functional Textile R & D and Innovation Team, and has led the establishment of the Ningbo Textile and Apparel Industry-Academy-Technology Innovation Alliance and Vocational Education group. Undertook 2 National Natural Science Foundation projects. The school has 32 research and development platforms for various types of school-enterprise cooperation. The research result “flexible monitoring electrodes and wearable systems” has won the first gold prize of the “Curious Ideas” China Maker Contest, and the results have been transformed. Each year, the school selects nearly a hundred outstanding professional teachers to provide technical support to enterprises, and conducts nearly a hundred school-enterprise cooperation projects each year, and appraises more than 15,000 people for corporate training each year. The school has been rated as “National Advanced Unit for Vocational Skill Appraisal in Textile Industry” for 9 consecutive years, and “Gold Medal Demonstration Appraisal Unit in National Textile Industry”. Significant achievements have been made in supporting counterparts in Xinjiang higher vocational colleges and helping pairs of southwestern Guizhou Prefecture.

The Zhejiang Fashion Institute of Technology led the establishment of the Ningbo Fashion Economic Research Institute, and successively released the “China Urban Fashion Index Report” to the society; conducted in-depth research on the textile and apparel industry, and hosted and published the “Ningbo Textile and Garment Industry Development Report” for 7 consecutive years. In the past 20 years, the school has actively participated in the Ningbo International Fashion Festival activities, successively hosted the National Textile Robot Application Summit Forum, and jointly established the “National Children’s Wear Design R & D Center” with China Textile Engineering Society and Ningbo Huayu Jinding Fashion Technology Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Fashion Institute of Technology runs through specialty construction with specialization and internationalization. The overall level of internationalization of the school ranks among the highest in the province’s vocational colleges. In the process of regional industrial transformation and upgrading and solving practical problems of enterprises, the school finds the direction of internationalized school running, develops, introduces, and absorbs a number of internationally advanced technologically advanced courses and education and teaching standards, and follows up and serves enterprises to “go global” Strategy, accelerate the promotion of professional quality, and build a professional group with high quality.

Zhejiang Fashion Institute of Technology focuses on the creation of a first-class Chinese-foreign cooperatively-run school in China. The school’s Sino-British Fashion Design Institute has passed the British teaching certification and has been listed as the first batch of construction institutions in Ningbo. High-level international faculty composed of creative experts and key teachers in the school. The Sino-Japanese cooperative professional project was selected as the provincial demonstration Sino-foreign cooperative school running project. The Sino-Korea cooperation professional project won the special prize for teaching achievements in the industry. The school’s “Belt and Road” special talent training projects are included in the first batch of key construction projects of the Ningbo “Belt and Road” national vocational education cooperative development three-year action plan.

The Zhejiang Fashion Institute of Technology takes “moral cultivation, long-term skills, truth-seeking, and beauty” as its school motto, and carries forward the red gang spirit of “daring to be the first, proficient in craftsmanship, integrity and commitment, and diligence and dedication” as its responsibility, both material and spiritual. Grasp the construction of “four campuses”. By advancing the construction of the “Sunshine Campus”, extensively carrying out sun sports, forging the healthy constitution of teachers and students; effectively carrying out mental health education and career development guidance, and shaping the teachers and students’ self-confidence, optimism and positive sunshine mentality. By advancing the construction of “creative campus”, teachers are actively encouraged to lead students to carry out teaching and technological innovation as an important carrier of teaching and educating people; actively promote the deep integration of innovation and entrepreneurship education with professional courses, and encourage students to carry out innovation and entrepreneurship practices; in-depth exploration Cross-sector and cross-professional scientific and technological innovation, promoting the combination of culture and arts, craftsmanship and information technology, make the campus a vibrant information valley, creative island and art park. By advancing the construction of a “beautiful campus”, we will strive to create a safe, healthy, green, and harmonious campus environment, strengthen material environmental protection and ideological and spiritual guidance, and improve the happiness index of campus life. The Red Gang Culture is a school’s unique cultural brand and cultural gene. It has been selected as the cultural brand of college campuses in Zhejiang Province and won the second prize of the National University Campus Cultural Outstanding Achievement. By advancing the construction of “cultural campus”, promoting outstanding traditional culture, spreading advanced culture of the times, integrating into local regional culture, developing school characteristic culture, promoting the close combination of “red spirit” with modern craftsman spirit and modern fashion culture, advocating and fostering pursuit Cultural atmosphere of excellence, pursuit of innovation, and elegance, condensing the school’s cultural spirit.

The Zhejiang Fashion Institute of Technology network education platform construction project won the National University Campus Culture Construction Outstanding Achievement Award, Ningbo City Propaganda Ideological and Cultural Work Innovation Award, and was selected as a typical case of the Ministry of Education’s socialist core values ??education. The school’s Party Committee was selected as a case of characteristic service brand for party building in colleges and universities by leveraging the Internet + innovating a new model of party building services. The “e-branch” was awarded the title of Ningbo’s advanced grass-roots party organization. The “Double Hundred Demonstration” project of party building in colleges and universities in the province. The school is the “Safe Campus” in Zhejiang Province and the first “Civilized Campus” in Ningbo.

In recent years, the students of Zhejiang Fashion Institute of Technology have greatly increased the number of awards and the level of awards in various disciplines and skills competitions at the provincial level and above. In the past three years, he has won more than 1,000 prizes at the municipal level or above. The professional skills and comprehensive quality of students have improved significantly. The employment rate of graduates and the rate of entrepreneurship within three years after graduation have stabilized at a relatively high level. The satisfaction of society and employers has increased year by year. For more than 30 years, the school has trained more than 50,000 graduates for the society, a large number of which have grown into industry leaders and technical backbones, which have strongly supported the development of the industry. Won the “Education Service Economic Contribution Award” and “Education Promotion Award” of Ningbo.


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