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Introduction to Zhaotong University

Zhaotong University (昭通学院, website) is a provincial public application-oriented undergraduate school located at the border of the three provinces of Yunnan, Guizhou, and Sichuan. The school is surrounded by mountains in the north of Wumeng, and bordered by plowing water in the province in the south. The mountains and rivers are stacked against each other.

Zhaotong University’s history can be traced back to the Normal School established by the Qing government in 1906. After passing through the Provincial Second Normal School and Zhaotong Regional Normal School, Zhaotong Normal College was established in 1978, and was renamed Zhaotong Normal College in 1992. In 1999, Zhaotong Teachers College merged with Zhaotong College of Education and Zhaotong Branch of Yunnan TV University. In 2000, it merged with Zhaotong Teachers College. The school is called “Zhaotong Teachers College”. In March 2012, with the approval of the Ministry of Education, the school was upgraded to an undergraduate college, and the school is called “Zhaotong College”.

Zhaotong University currently covers an area of 761.10 acres, the building area of the school building is 285,300 square meters, the area of teaching and administrative premises is 205,500 square meters, the total value of teaching and scientific research equipment is 80,678,900 yuan, the book collection is 907,700 volumes, and the e-books are 202,100 volumes. 1,869 computers for teaching. There are 174 off-campus practice training teaching bases. The construction of the digital campus has been initially completed, which provides a basic guarantee for the informatization of school teaching, scientific research, and office management.

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Zhaotong University has adhered to Zhaotong for a long time, serving the school in Wumeng Mountain area, and has accumulated rich school experience and relatively strong school strength, forming literature, history, law, science, engineering, education, management, art, agriculture, agriculture, The multidisciplinary development of economics has developed in a coordinated manner, and the characteristics of school education such as teacher education, plateau-specific agriculture, literary creation, and cultural creativity are evident. Currently there are the School of Humanities, the School of Politics and Management, the School of Educational Science, the School of Foreign Languages, the School of Mathematics and Statistics, the School of Physics and Information Engineering, the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, the School of Physical Education, the School of Art, the School of Marxism, the College of Vocational and Technical Education, Agronomy and There are 13 teaching colleges such as the College of Life Sciences, School of Geography and Tourism, and 1 College of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Innovation and Entrepreneurship College), 38 undergraduate majors, 22 specialized majors, and recruit students from more than ten provinces and cities nationwide.

Zhaotong University adheres to the fundamental task of cultivating talents, deepens the reform of school running, education and teaching, and cultivates application-oriented senior professionals with comprehensive development of moral, intellectual, physical, and aesthetic education, social responsibility, practical ability, and innovative spirit. Launched free normal student education to train Zhaotong’s basic education shortage talents; launched “3 + 2” five-year higher vocational education to build a “overpass” for vocational education in Zhaotong. The school currently has 13,502 full-time junior college students, including 7,357 undergraduates and 6,145 college students. The school’s employment performance is outstanding, and the employment rate of graduates has remained above 90%. It has won consecutive first prizes in the assessment of the employment target responsibility of college graduates in Yunnan Province.

Zhaotong University has implemented projects such as teaching teacher support, outstanding young teacher training support, etc., and actively supports in-service teachers to visit and study in key universities at home and abroad, and has formed a more reasonable teacher echelon. The school currently has 605 faculty members, including 482 full-time teachers (67.01% of teachers with a master’s degree or above, 39% of teachers with senior professional titles, and 27.39% of “double-teacher” teachers). At present, the school has 1 “National Accounting Master”, 1 “Member of the Ministry of Education Business Management Teaching Steering Committee”, 1 “Member of the Ministry of Finance Accounting Education Expert Committee”, 1 “Yunnan Business Management Teaching Steering Committee Chairman”, There is one person in the “10,000 People Plan” in Yunnan Province, two provincial teams, two “Yunling Teaching Masters”, five provincial teaching masters, and one “Umeng Craftsman”. In addition, the school also hired 72 guest professors including well-known experts such as He Jianming, full-time vice chairman of the Chinese Writers Association, and Zhao Shengliang, director of the Dunhuang Research Institute.

Zhaotong University actively builds a scientific research platform, establishes research institutions such as apple, gastrodia, potato, Zhaotong literature, and red Tashi culture, and conducts local characteristic academic research. Since the promotion, nearly 2,000 academic papers have been published by teachers in the university, including more than 200 papers published in national core journals. They have been published by SCI, EI, CSSCI, CSCD, Xinhua Digest, Photocopying Materials of Renmin University of China, and National Universities. More than 60 articles are included and reprinted in Academic Digest, etc .; more than 30 monographs and textbooks have been published in publishing institutions such as People’s Publishing House, Higher Education Press, China Social Science Press, Shanghai Sanlian Press, etc .; host national, provincial, and local 134 department-level scientific research projects; 21 national patents.

Zhaotong University actively carries out exchanges and cooperation at home and abroad. Teacher-student exchanges with universities and educational institutions in 31 countries (outside), including Oriental University of Thailand, Lampang International Technical University of Thailand, Malaysia International Education Center, La Barbara Vocational and Technical University, Bole University of Thailand, and Taipei City University of Science and Technology And cultural exchanges. Completed a Chinese language education base in Yunnan Province and accepted Chinese language teachers from Myanmar to participate in Chinese language training. In the Thai Chinese Education Demonstration School, the Federation of Educational High Schools listed internship education bases, has sent 16 batches of 236 students to Chinese schools in northern Thailand for internships. Established cooperative relations with universities such as China University of Geosciences (Beijing) and Shanghai Normal University, and conducted in-depth exchanges in discipline construction, teacher training, student training, teaching and research. Establish a long-term, comprehensive and open strategic cooperation relationship with the Zhaotong Municipal People’s Government, enterprises, institutions and schools at all levels to jointly work for Zhaotong’s economic and social development.

Since 1978, Zhaotong University has trained more than 50,000 outstanding talents for economic construction and social development in Zhaotong City and surrounding areas. It has become an important base for the cultivation of various talents in Zhaotong City and even in Yunnan Province. It is promoting economic construction, social development, science and technology. Progressing and revitalizing Zhaotong’s basic education has realized its own value, achieved remarkable results, and won a good social reputation. Wu Jianzhi, a student of the school, won the title of the 7th National Model of Ethics. Ma Hao won the men’s mountain biking championship in the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta. Graduates Xia Min and Lei Pingyang won the “Lu Xun Literature Award”, and Wu Jianjun won the “National Ten “Good Interpol”. The school has successively won the “advanced unit for military-civilian joint construction” awarded by the Propaganda Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the General Political Department of the PLA, the “National Advanced Unit for Mass Sports” awarded by the State General Administration of Sports, the “National Model Worker’s House” awarded by the All-China Federation of Trade Unions, “National Model Unit of Progress” awarded by the National Ethnic Affairs Commission of the People ’s Republic and the People ’s Government of Yunnan Province, “Civilized Unit” awarded by the Yunnan Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government, “Yunnan Provincial Civilization School” “And many other honorary titles.


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